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Kuzgun All Episodes

The new 14th episode trailer of Kuzgun (The Raven) has released! Dila at the Crossroads!

On Star TV with the last episode of Kuzgun (The Raven) came to the screen tonight; After the last incident, the cops come to Bora’s couple. The killing of Bora causes all arrows to be translated into Kuzgun, while Kudret and Kuzgun face the first time. Kuzgun is suspected Bora of his words about the betrayal and the secret of Dila before he died. Kuzgun is making a plan to reveal this secret. The first time he listens to the tape Kuzgun gave her. 

On the other hand, while Rifat’s appeals hearing is approaching, Dila’s hands are very important information about Behram. There is a crossroads where Dila will be forced to decide before. So what else happen in the last episode of Kuzgun (The Raven)? Here’s what you wonder about the series.

In the last episode of Kuzgun (The Raven); Before Bora was killed, Kuzgun was obsessed with the words of Dila’s betrayal and her great secret. Kuzgun is setting up a game to find out who he is. It is a very important confrontation between Kuzgun and Dila, who listened to the tape that Dila gave him for his birthday, months later and filled with the pains and treacheries of the years. Dila’s birthday is coming, and Kuzgun is preparing a very special birthday surprise for Dila. But in the day of her birthday, Kuzgun is cluttered Dila’s diary with what she read. Dila, who collaborated with Kudret, is learning valuable information about Behram and needs to make a decision now; She’s either going to stand next to Kuzgun or betray him. Here is 14th episode trailer and episode summary of Kuzgun (The Raven).

What happen in the last episode?
Kuzgun tries to wake the eagle from the unconscious. He bees tears to open his eyes. Kartal finally opens his eyes. Bora will stop Dila who wants to go. Dila tells Bora to leave him to stick to his arm. Bora says, “You’re the only woman I can touch with bare hands”. Dila says, “I understand, but let go.” Bora has no intention of quitting. It’ll hold Dila tighter. Dila asks her to quit again, and if she doesn’t, she’ll scream as much as she can. Bora says that no one can hear him because they are alone at home. Dila has been anxious. “You’re not like that, please don’t do it,” Bora asks how she is. “You know me, Dila.” Dila says, “Please let go.” She’ll get rid of Bora. Bora says she doesn’t give him a chance, and she says, “Kuzgun doesn’t even love you”. Dila says she knows, but Bora asks why she is not giving her a chance. Bora can’t control tears. Dila proposes to talk to Bora about everything. Bora says, “promise.” 

Kuzgun 14 bolum
Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 14
Dila wants water from Bora. Bora is hesitation in the case of her escape. She asks Dila for her cell phone and warns Dila not to make any nonsense. When Bora goes to get water, Dila asks for help on the other phone by calling Kudret. Potency asks him where he is and what he is. Dila tells him that she’s on Bora’s farm, keeping her. The power will immediately send a team to tell him to stall Bora. The forces of potency lead to Bora’s farm. By the way, Kartal will come. Kuzgun asks if he’s okay. Kartal says it’s good. Kuzgun wants his car keys to go away, giving it to his brother. When Kartal tells him not to go without him, Kuzgun wants it gone. When Kartal insists, he asks him to say he has a job. Kartal is convinced. He tells Kuzgun to take care of himself.

Bora learns about Kudret
Bora heard Dila talking to Kudret. She asks Dila who is Kudret. Dila says it’s none of your business. Bora calls the phone at Dila’s hand and dials the last number she saw. She says that she sent all the teams there. Bora listens to Kudret’s words without his voice. Kudret understands that the phone is in Bora’s hands, and says to him, “No one can take you away from me if it hurts Dila’s hair.” Bora closes the phone. Bora said to Dila, “you are a more courageous woman than I ever imagined” . She says, “long enough to ride a death sentence on her neck.” Meanwhile, Kuzgun reached the farm.

Bora: “You will never learn the betrayal of Dila”
Bora asks Dila, “Does Kuzgun know that you are collaborating with the police?” Dial can’t answer. Meanwhile, police teams are coming towards the farm. When Bora said to Kuzgun that he should learn this betrayal as soon as he can, Dila says he can’t do anything. He asks Dila how to stop her. Dila wants him to leave her. Meanwhile, Kuzgun will witness what happened. He gets a iron chair in the yard, breaks the glass. Dila finally gets rid of Bora by pushing him away. Bora will be shocked by the glass breaking. Kuzgun pulls out the gun and walks in. He’s pointing his gun at Bora. ” What happened to your men Dila?” we need to get out of here soon,says Kuzgun wants her out. 

Bora tells Kuzgun that if she kills him, she can’t learn the big secret of Dila. Kuzgun will be shocked. Bora “You won’t regret not pressing that trigger”. If you push that trigger, you’ll never find out about Dila’s betrayal. When Kuzgun prepares to fire,  a men come in all of a sudden. When Bora sees them, he says, “Dila will never be yours.” . Then, the person who enters the “Ferman Bey” called Bora kills people by hitting the forehead. Kuzgun is half unconscious, and he sees Bora fall down. The men take the gun from Kugun’s hand and ignite the gun they killed Bora.

Kuzgun and Dila are questioning

Kuzgun will come to its senses. He sees traces of blood on the ground. He tries to wake up Dila. Meanwhile, police teams come to the farm. Kuzgun tells the cops that Bora was killed. Kuzgun and Dila are questioned at the police headquarters. Meanwhile, the police reported to Kudret that there were three graves excavated in Bora’s couple, and two of them were filled with an empty one. It is said that Teoman Divitçi’s name was written on the tombstone of the tomb that was filled.

Dila: “Who killed Bora?”

The statements are taken when Kuzgun and Dila walk together in the corridor come to the Kudret. The potency looks at two and goes through the sides without saying anything. Dila asks if she recognizes him. Kuzgun’s mind comes from the words of betrayal about the Dial before the boron is killed. Kuzgun asks Dila. Dila passes the question. Dila asks who shot Bora. Kuzgun says, “I don’t know,” but Dial knows the truth.

Ferman intimidate to Kuzgun
Kuzgun tells Dila that after he betray her, one of Ferman’s men killed Bora, but he didn’t see Ferman’s face. This time Dila asks, “Did you kill Behram?” Kuzgun says that Behram is alive that he is not dead. Dila would thank Kuzgun for telling the truth about Behram. Together they leave the police. Kuzgun steals the phone when it comes to the workplace. It’s Ferman. He intimidated Kuzgun because he was not telling the truth with Behram Adivar and tells him to do what he said to reach his father.

Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 14 Trailer

Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 14
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