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Halka (The Ring) new 14th episode trailer released!; Can Hümeyra protect their children?. Watch full movie of Halka Episode 13 Here .

TRT1 ‘s beloved crime series Halka (The Ring) is on the 13th last night. The series came to the screens with his division. In the series where things are well involved, the deterioration of Hümeyra’s plan and the start of the troubled days for Kaan and Cihangir increased the tension. Will Hümeyra be able to protect his children?

Halka (The Ring) 14th episode Trailer is Here! 

Hümeyra can protect their children starting in the middle of the season continues to impress everyone with the opposite corners of Halka (The Ring). The series came to the screen with the excitement of the episode again. The deterioration of the order began to affect the bad days for Kaan and Cihangir started. Viewers who wonder what will happen in the new 14th episode of Halka (The Ring).

In the new 14th of Halka (The Ring), when Çağatay shot Cengiz, Erkmen’s father, all the plans of Hümeyra were overturned. With this death, the throne of the ring remained empty. Çağatay wanted to pass the throne, but Hümeyra did not agree. This is exactly the “above” in this chaos environment, the new secrets of the public proved to everyone. The work of Hümeyra, who had to hold the ring in her hands to protect her children, was more difficult. Because she needed help, because he had no old facilities. Kaan and Cihangir, who were unaware of the danger, thought other things. Mujde and Cihangir begin to familiarize each other. New developments in the public, Bahar and Kaan, also leads to more frequent negotiations…

Episode 14 Halka
Halka (The Ring) Episode 14: Summary And Trailer

What happened in the last chapter of the ring?
Genghis Khan; Çağatay has closed Kaan and Cihangir to the rehabilitation center, new life. This center is where the memory of Cihangir has been erased before. Cihangir begins to remember some memories of his time in the center. Genghis Khan forces Hümeyra to make a choice. Only one of the children will survive. While the Hümeyra is dealing with its difficult choice, Kaan, Cihangir and Çağatay are obliged to leave one side and act together, but they are difficult to work with. Cihangir has been struggling in the past, but has failed to escape the center. The fate of the ring’s children is in the hands of the public. Genghis Khan’s ruthless decisions are about to hurt someone.

Halka (The Ring) Episode 14 Trailer

Halka (The Ring) Episode 13 Full Movie

Halka (The Ring) Episode 14

Summary: The serie will be updated on april 23rd. Thank You …..

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