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Vuslat new 13rd episode trailer is released! In the last episode Can Aziz prove his innocence?
In the new 13rd trailer of Vuslat series published on Monday evenings in TRT1; Altan tells Yalcin that Aziz’s people are alive. Kerem Aziz’s innocence is making an evil plan that will turn you into guilt. Aziz, Yalcin is not guilty, and so he wants to do his job, Yalcin said that he will do everything for the flow. Here’s Vuslat 13rd episodes trailers and episode summary …..

What happened in the last episode?Kerem accepts all the terms of Perihan and takes his mother’s file. The photograph taken with her mother in the File makes her very emotional. Kisses the picture in Tears. The Sultan, who is with Kerem’s mother, sees the photograph. The Sultan understands that the disappearance of Madame Anet’s daughter, Alice, is not lost. However, the question of where it confuses.

Shocking ImagesFeride monitors the images of the mobile phone with Yalcin with the camera records. The images in the Recordings cause both to remain in the haytrets. On the question of “Who are you?” a woman on the Record, Yalçın overlooks Feride. Feride is speechless. Meanwhile, she comes to a villa with Aziz Altan. She is shocked when he sees the person lying in a room transformed into an O.R. This person is the one who fought with Kerem and killed him in a final move when he was about to kill him.

vuslat episode 13
Vuslat 13rd Episode Trailer And Episode Summary

When Aziz decides to move out of the house, Perihan goes berserk. Meanwhile, his father, Tahsin, Is intimidated by saying, “If you hurt me, I’ll hurt you.” Kerem does not stop chasing the truth. He keeps pushing Tahsin to the corner. At the end of Tahsin, he rebelled, saying, “How far do you want to go, what do you need?”

Will Perihan’s plan work?Perihan decides to be engaged to Nehir after Aziz’s decision to leave the house. The plan to settle Aziz is also ready. He’s on the phone to Nehir. ” Be prepared, ” he warns.Kerem, meanwhile, informs Feride that Perihan will aim Aziz with Nehir. Feride can’t believe what she’s hearing.

Vuslat episode 13
The serie will be updated on April 8th. Thank You ….

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