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Kardes Cocuklari All Episodes

The new 13rd episode trailer of Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister) has released!; It’s a painful confrontation for Umay! 

Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister) came to the screen tonight with the last 12nd episode; Hayat is learning the truth, and this is destruction for Umay. Umay doesn’t want to lose Hayat, and she is playing all her leverage to win her back. Meanwhile, Hayat takes her second coup. From Volkan. So what else happened in the last episode of Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister)?

Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister) came to the screen with the last episode of Star TV last evening. A new war begins between Umay and Ümran. Hayat’s aunt and Yildirim’s rage is growing. Hayal is wrapped with Hayat’s confession after learning Volkan kissing Hayat. But the real blow comes to Hayat and Volkan says he doesn’t love her. On the other hand, Umay and Rezzan share their trump card years later. Okay, Here is 13rd episode trailer and episode summary of Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister) ……

What happen in the last episode?

Hayat learns from Yildirim about the whole truth about his aunt. Ümran and Yıldırım learns that Hayat knows the wrong story. Yildirim says the evil of this ugly story is with Umay herself. Hayat’s dreams are falling apart. He says to Umay: “You’re really a snake”. Realizing his injustice to Umran, Hayat is hugging her mother and begging her for forgiveness. Between Umay and Ümran so that new importance begins. But Umay doesn’t accept defeat.

Kardeş Çocukları ep 13
Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister) Episode 13
A Blow to Hayat from Volkan
Hayal hears Volkan kissing Hayat. It’s getting messy with Hayal learning what happened with Volkan. She also says that Hayat is in love with Volkan. Hayal, returning to Volkan and say : “You are in love?”  Volkan said: “No”, saying that Hayat of a great disappointment. hayat wants to leave the house. Umay is using all his leverage to allow it. Even Cemal is a tool for his plans before he blinks. Hayat, who is determined to open a new page with her mother, is now a destructive state for Ümran.

Rezzan and Umay are reckoning
She is launching a new era in which Rezzan learns that Umay is Ümmi. They’re coming in two hundred. Umay says Rezzan’s face is ‘ killer ‘. Umay, after the suspense moments between Umay and Rezzan, throws herself out of the hard. The place is piling up with Rezzan.

Kardeş Çocukları Episode 13 Trailer

Kardeş Çocukları Episode 13
The serie will be updated on April 27th. Thank You ….. 

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