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Her Yerde Sen All Episodes

Her Yerde Sen (Every Where You Are) a summer season series episode 12 came to the screens. After the last episode, viewers began to explore the new episode trailer for Her Yerde Sen (Every Where You Are). So has the new episode trailer been released? Here are the detail …..

Starring Furkan Andic, Aybuke Pusat, Ali Fatci and Aslihan Malbora, it is one of the most closely watched series of the summer season. Burak’s nervous moments marked the last part. Here is 13rd episode trailer and episode summary of Her Yerde Sen (Every Where You Are).

Episode 13 Her Yerde Sen
Her Yerde Sen (Every Where You Are) Episode 13

What happen in the last episode?
While the discovery of all the secrets deeply wounds Demir. Demir’s reaction would be a great shock to Selin. Driven by Selin’s sadness, Burak takes a big gamble.

Demir takes refuge in his principles while trying to regain control of his life, but he always finds Selin in front of him. As they look for a way between a surprise visitor coming home and their broken relationship, consecutive blows weaken Demir. But when he’s weakest, he’ll find a new power.

Her Yerde Sen Episode 13 Trailer

Her Yerde Sen Episode 13
The serie will be updated on September 13rd. Thank You ….

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