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The 13rd episode of Halka (The Ring) released!; Will the Deputy be rid of Çağatay?. And what happen in the last episode?

In the last episode of Halka (The Ring); While the proximity between Mujde and Cihangir is increasing, Cemal asks Kaan for an account. On the Other hand, Hümeyra says that Bekir should be rescued from Çağatay’s hand.

TRT’s beloved series Halka (The Ring) new 13rd episode trailer was released. We have compiled for you what will happen in the Exciting new chapter. Here are the details..

Starring Serkan Çayoğlu, Kaan Yildirim and Hande Erçel, TRT’s beloved series of Halka (The Ring) new 13th episode trailer released. The New chapter will increase the dose of excitement.

What will happen in the new 13rd episode trailer?

One of the details that will be stamped on This section is the mechanical sound. In collaboration with Cemal Sandıkçı and Bahar, Kaan will find himself in a deep plan. Kaan, who has yet to solve This voice from Hümeyra, thinks that Cengiz is a rival. Bahar will try to understand Kaan. 

halka 13 bolum
Halka (The Ring) Episode 13
As Cihangir will go after rescuing the Deputy from Çağatay’s hand. Çağatay understands that something is going on, but he can’t figure out exactly what it is. Hümeyra, the owner of the Mechanical Sound, is trying to make them go after Çağatay, saying, “If it happens to the Chagatai Ring, it will not give you or me.” The plans, including Mujde, will give a great struggle to save Vekilmortar and prevent Çağatay from being at the head of the Ring.

Will Çağatay be the head of the Ring? Will the Deputy be saved? The answer to These and more questions is in the new 13rd episode. Halka (The Ring) Episode 13 released on Tuesday, April 16th at 08 PM on TRT 1.

Halka (The Ring) Episode 13 Trailer

Halka (The Ring) Episode 13
Cağatay shot his father, Cengiz Erkmen. Hümeyra’s order has deteriorated.  The throne of the Ring remained empty. It’s not clear who sits on that board. Çağatay considers himself worthy of the administration of the Public, but Hümeyra has other plans.  Meanwhile, an “above” word begins to wander. Halka (The Ring) has new secrets to explore. Hümeyra must hold the Ring to protect her children, but this is no longer so easy. She needs help. Moreover, it has no access to its old facilities. Kaan and Cihangir are unaware of their danger. Mujde and Cihangir begin to familiarize each other. New developments in the Public, Bahar and Kaan, also leads to more frequent negotiations…

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