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Vuslat 12nd episode trailer released. What happened in episode 11?. Aziz wants to punish the ones he’s faced by activating his new plans. When Kerem learns the secrets of the past, his first goal will be Tahsin. 

In order to protect the woman he loves in Vuslat (With One’s Beloved) series; Aziz, who is willing to be engaged to Nehir, is burning in revenge fire, especially his father. Feride regrets to give Yalcin records of the evening he witnessed everything. What happened between Kerem and Tahsin is the footsteps of a new war. Kerem says he is the brother of the person who was seen going next to Tahsin. The agreement between Perihan and Nehir describes it as a rebirth. He is preparing to engage in a new war. The people who want to watch the new episode of Vuslat began to investigate. Here Vuslat New 12nd episode trailer and episode summary …..

What happen in the last episode ?

Yalcin is finding new clues about Aziz. He’s moving Immediately. He’s going to take Aziz from the holding. Aziz, thanks to Altan knows that Yalcin will come to arrest. Yalcin calls Feride on the way. Aziz is on the Phone and says she expects Yalcin.
Aziz take Kerem dismissal
The ropes between Kerem and Aziz, this time to settle down with Kerem, and a big storm is coming out. Following the words of Aziz, the board of Directors is gathering at Korkmazer Holding. Aziz, at the meeting of Kerem, the father of the company by disabling the work of the holding is pulling hands. As soon as Kerem hears these words, he starts a new war. Meanwhile, the newly released Aziz’s decision on Kerem is very happy to learn. 
vuslat episode 12
Vuslat (With One’s Beloved) Episode 12

“Take care of Aziz,”
he shocked Tahsin, leaving Kerem out of his son without his approval. Kerem is going to Tahsin after his fight with Aziz. He’s asking Tahsin to find a cure for Aziz, saying, “Take care of My Brother.” When Tahsin goes to talk to Aziz, he lives the second shock.

Tahsin is Moving
Tahsin say to Aziz: “You know what The pain is? To love a father you know is a Murderer!” Tahsin wants to respond to Aziz’s move about Kerem and takes action. The aim of Tahsin is to teach Aziz a lesson. He says he needs a big cleaning on the phone.

They come to ask for Feride, meanwhile, Feride tells him That Süleyman coming to ask her. That’s what Feride agrees with Aziz. Feride will come to ask and say that the evening will be interrupted, she takes the breath with him. He’s knocking on Feride’s door. He’s surprised to see Aziz in front of the Feride. Aziz said, “Don’t! Please,” He’s trying to stop him.

Vuslat Episode 12 Trailer

Vuslat Episode 12 
Summary: The serie will be updated on March 25th. Thank You …..
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