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The new 12nd episode trailer of Hercai has released! Reyyan is Staying in Purr!

The series, followed by the interest of ATV screens, appeared in front of the audience with an exciting new 12nd episode of Hercai. After the last chapter, where Miran kidnapped Reyyan, the audience was thoroughly confused, the viewers of Hercai was on the internet and started looking for answers to the question.

The screen’s rating record holder series was breathed in the new part of Hercai. In the last chapter, Miran has kidnapped Reyyan. Azat, who learned this, captured Gonul. Miran asks Reyyan for a second chance, wanting to make him forget about all the bad moments that he wants to marry Azat. Reyyan, who did not trust Miran, remained in purr between his heart and his mind. Miran, on the other hand, is the last straw for Azat to kidnap Reyyan.

Azat, who acted to liberate Reyyan from the hands of Miran, kidnapped Gonul. If they do not bring Reyyan back, this move of Azat, who says he will not surrender Gonul, brings two families to an unexpected place. So what else happen in the last episode?

Hercai Episode 11 came to the screen last night with his last episode; Miran is abducating Reyyan. Freeing the madman, he presses the mansion of the Aslanmen and misses Gonul. Azat says he won’t leave Gonul before Reyyan arrives. Sultan asks Azize for an account. Nasuh is ordering the presence and murder of Reyyan. Meanwhile, Miran wants him to give him a second chance from his forced Reyyan. Reyyan is trapped between his heart and his brain. Here is 12nd episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai ….. 

hercai 12 bolum
Hercai: Turkish Drama Episode 12

What happen in the last episode?
Miran is abducating Reyyan. Although Reyyan wants to resist Miran, Miran does not listen to her. In fact, those who hear Miran’s voices are rushing out of the mansion. Miran is taking the horse and Reyyan, saying the arrow is out of the bow. He’s screaming in the back of Reyyan in a hurry. Everyone in the house hears about Miran’s disappearance. The Şadoğulları are on the move. However, Miran takes into account this situation and cuts the way of the Shadogullari’s tools. Cihan doesn’t want to go after Reyyan anymore. 

Between Hazar and Cihan opens. Although Nasuh deserves Cihan, he doesn’t want to leave Hazar alone. While freeing is shouting around at home in anger, Yaren is wrapped up in her throat with an account question. Handan say: “My sons have dropped each other,” he screams Zehra. Freeing in rage is wrapped in a gun and comes out of the mansion.
Hazar finds Firrat and beats his phone. Hazar says he will call Miran and kill Firat. Reyyan wants his father to save him and not find his hand in blood. Miran is shutting down his phone saying they will go far away. While he worries that his father can kill Firat, Miran says that Hazar cannot do it. And if Reyyan knows her father can’t kill her, she’s questioning how she believes he killed her parents.

Azat missing Gonul
Azat is pushing Aslan’s mansion. Gonul wants to go to Azat and learn the truth. Aziz immediately calls his men and fires Azat. Azat pulls the trigger of his weapon and puts it on the head of Gonul. Sultan and Elif are very anxious and are forced to withdraw Aziz’s men. Azat is coming out with Gonul. Azize’s men have to drop their weapons. Azat puts Gonul in the car and says he won’t leave her until the Reyyan returns. Sultan asks Azize for an account. She says she’ll bring her grandson at the expense of Aziz.

“Let’s Kill Reyyan !”
Nasuh is ordering to be shot Reyyan. He even says that Reyyan’s death will be known from Aslan. Hazar goes to the gendarme in the meantime and complains. But he doesn’t stop looking for Reyyan. Meanwhile, Firat come home and confirm that Miran has kidnapped Reyyan. Firat have reached her because Miran has closed his phone and cannot say that Gonul was kidnapped.

Hercai Episode 12 Trailer

Hercai Episode 12
Summary: The serie will be updated on may 31st. Thank You …..
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