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Halka (The Ring) 12nd episode trailer is released! Cihangir began to remember at the past.

Halka (The Ring) Episode 12 began to wait eagerly for the presentation of the episode. What about the new 12nd episode of Halka (The Ring) on April 2, Tuesday evening. Is the new trailer for Halka (The Ring) series to be published?

Starring Serkan Cayoğlu, Hande Erçel, Kaan Yildirim, Hazal Subaşı, Nazan Kesal. and Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan shared Halka (The Ring) as every week on tuesday at TRT 1.

What Happened in the Last episode?
Cihangir and Kaan separated from the side of Ilhan, created their own teams. They’re in the Ring Now. Using their New position, they are determined to solve their past secrets. The fact that Terzi is in charge of the police creates danger for the Public Cemal and Bahar, Terzi trying to learn something from the Ring also tries to reach him. This situation begins to pose a danger to both sides. Halka (The Ring) has been directed to Terzi with all its power. This situation makes all the old and new members of the Ring face different dangers. 

Halka (The Ring) Episode 12

When Çağatay was trying to kidnap Terzi, Cemal is shooting freaked everyone out. As Bahar and Kaan, who were cluttered with Cemal’s shooting, were thinking about what to do, Kaan was also alone with the danger of exposing the police identity. On the Other hand, the developments in the Ring’s pursuit of Terzi, Iskender frightened. 
Iskender, who acted to protect Himself and his daughter Müjde, was perhaps the only one who acted logically. There were also positive developments on the Cihangir front. Starting a new era for Cihangir, which has begun to remember his Past, he remembers what he and Kaan brings to the face with new dangers.
Halka (The Ring) Episode 12 Trailer

Halka (The Ring) Episode 12
The serie will be updated on April 2, 2019 at 08 PM.

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