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The new 11st episode trailer of Kuzgun (The Raven) has released! What happen in the last episode of Kuzgun (The Raven)?

On Star TV with the last episode came to the screen tonight. In the last 10th episode of Kuzgun (The Raven); After the attack by Bora’s men, the injured Dila, Kuzgun immediately raises the hospital. There are storms in Kuzgun to sacrifice Dila herself. Kuzgun faces the pain and the feelings he denies against Dila.

Dila is trying to support her brother in these difficult times. Kuzgun, who survived the life threat of Dila, never leaves her alone for a moment. During the attack, Seda and Kartal, injured in the leg while crossing paths, the son of Meryem learns a secret. Kuzgun is investigating the name behind the attack. And Kuzgun is confroning Behram for the first time. Well, What else happened in the last episode of Kuzgun (The Raven)? Here’s what you wonder about the series.

With the last 10th episode, Star TV appeared on the screens to the audience. Kuzgun is very impressed with the last incident that Dila threw in front of the bullets to save him. Faced with the feelings he denies to Dila, Kuzgun is pursuing the identity of the person who performed the attack. Kuzgun who learns that Bora Dagstanlı is the name behind the attack, is taking action to cut the account. Behram Adivar’s move is not enough to stop him from learning that he has fought Bora. Ali is in Kuzgun’s side of the battle he opens to Bora. When Kuzgun challenged Behram through Dervish, he faced Behram for the first time. When Dila learns that she has fought Bora, he is standing in front of him. The new 11st episode trailer of Kuzgun (The Raven) released! Here is 11st episode trailer and episode summary of Kuzgun (The Raven).

What happen in the last episode?

When Kuzgun came to Terzi Dervish’s shop, he was surprised to see Dila there. “Why did I come today, then?” When Dervish says “for the Wedding Dinner”, Dila and Kuzgun are shocked. Kugun asks the same question again. When Dila tries to get up and go, she’ll say thank you for doing things. The Dervish says, “but not with me.” He’ll take a look at Kuzgun. Kuzgun recommends that he accept the wedding dinner by saying, “You can never tear the tear.”

A Warning from Dervish!

At dinner, Dervish wishes them a pillow. Dila reminds me that this is a formality of marriage, and then Dervish tells him to drink, and then “what happened. “If you forget what you must forget,” he says to Kuzgun and Dila that they are now in a new world with this marriage and the entrance ticket. Tailor Dervish recommends that this marriage be real and warns them, saying, “You will not make Behram wrong.” He wants to end the animosity between them.

kuzgun 11 bolum
Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 11

After Dervis ‘ separation, Dila tries to figure out what happened. Meanwhile, Bora gives his men a surprise for the scholar and Cebeci families, remining them that no one else is important except Dila. Kuzgun and Dila come home. When Kuzgun goes to the kitchen to drink water, he encounters Shermin. It annoys what Shermin said about their marriage. After the warning of Sharmin, Kuzgun, who is distraught, warns him.

Bora gives the order to attack
In the morning Bora gives his men the final instructions and warns them once more about Dila. Shermin calls Dila before breakfast. Dila tells Shermin that she was on her way to come and get his message. He wants the sheriff to take a taxi and come right away. Meanwhile, the girls of shermin hit the door of Dila and Kuzgun’s room, telling them to come to breakfast. Dila tells Kuzgun to hurry to get down to breakfast. Although Kuzgun says he doesn’t want to come, he’s desperate to be in the face of Dila’s insistence. One of the girls who walked in is wrapped around Kuzgun’s neck.

Kuzgun get a shock!

Dila and Kuzgun come to the breakfast table. Ali Şermin and others are at the table. Ali brings Füsun to the table. Kuzgun has been shocked. He asks her to come with him by holding Füsun’s arm. They walk away from the table. He asks Füsun what she’s trying to do. She says that Führer has no problem but to earn money. Kuzgun says, “You think I’m going to let you work here?” Füsun says she doesn’t have to take his permission and returns to the table. Meanwhile, Kuzgun, who saw the stairs coming from Dila, lives the second shock.

Dila eats leads for Kuzgun
Shermin leaves Dila by saying there are some work inside. Meanwhile, they tell their daughters to come with them. At that moment, Bora’s men come home. They kill the guards at the door and go in. Kuzgun tells Dila to give the shermin what he’s going to do and then go out together. In the meantime, Bora’s men are starting to shoot. Kuzgun hides Dila as a trench. What happens when Kuzgun moves to protect Dila. Dila is taken in front of Kuzgun and shot with a bullet from the attackers weapon. Ali witnessed the shooting of Dila, wrapped in his daughter. Dila is piled up in Kuzgun’s arms. Kuzgun would be surprised at what to do. He calls her. Dila is passed out.

Kuzgun raises Dila to hospital
Kuzgun survises the shock of his suffering and raises Dila to the hospital. Dila’s condition is critical and is immediately taken to surgery. Kuzgun is down in the hospital, waiting for a good news from Dila. When he sees Dila’s ring in his hand, his pain grows exponentially, and he can’t control his tears.

Kuzgun finds the plan to Attack
Ali asks Kuzgun if there is any progress on the attack. Ali is shocked when Kuzgun tells him that the plan is Bora Dagstanlı. Kuzgun is declaring war on Bora Dagstanlı, and Ali is aware that he should choose his side in this war. Dila tells Kuzgun, who acted to kill Bora, not to harm anyone. “You’re still protecting him,” says Kuzgun, not that he’s protecting Dila.

Kuzgun, in the future of Behram
Behram is hearing of Kuzgun’s War on Bora is coming to the ear. Terzi reminds me of what he said in the past to prevent Kuzgun who wanted to avenge Dervis Dila, and “You fell in love with Dila. You know, ” he said. Kuzgun will stop the dervish against Behram. Terzi asks Kuzgun not to confront Behram because of Dila.

Kuzgun Episode 11 Trailer

Kuzgun Episode 11
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