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Hercai All Episodes

The new 11st episode trailer of Hercai has released! The big truth about Reyyan!

Hercai 10th episode came to the screen tonight. Miran Şadoğlu is pushing the mansion. His aim is to take Reyyan. But Nasuh makes a decision that surprises everyone. Miran cannot accept Reyyan’s marriage to Azat. When Reyyan tries to silence her heart, she wants to continue her life like she never saw Miran. But Miran has no intention of giving it up. Meanwhile, Azat now knows that Reyyan’s real father is not Hazar. What else happened in the last episode?  Here’s what you wonder about the series.

In the last episode of Hercai; Miran is coming to Nasuh to save Reyyan. Miran, who offers to wipe out all the debts of Şadoğulları, only wants Reyyan. While Nasuh is inversing Miran, Reyyan says she doesn’t want Miran because of Gonul. Reyyan, who was ordered by her grandfather in the marriage of Azat, is staying in a creek in the two. Azat is the only one happy with this decision. Hazar wants to tell Reyyan that he is not his real father. Moreover, Azat hears these words. Here is 11st episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai ……

What happen n the last episode?
Miran says the Shadoglu family will wipe out all their debts and end this hostilness. Miran only wants Reyyan from Nasuh. Hazar is clashing on Miran’s collar. Nasuh looks like he’s going to calm down his son and accept Miran’s offer. Azat  ‘ sale ‘ strongly welcomes to Reyyan. Nasuh says Miran will not lean against the Aslan family, saying they won’t sell someone who bears the name of Şadoğlu for money. He also says that the payment of his debt is not the enemy of the protection of Reyyan. Nasuh says Reyyan will marry Azat. Everyone listens to these words with great shock. But only Azat is happy with this decision. 

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Hercai Episode 11: Summary And Trailer
When Miran grabs Reyyan and asks her to say something, Gonul is seen through the door. Reyyan rejects Miran in front of everyone. She also said she would marry Azat, saying ‘ you tried to buy me. ‘ When Miran is gone, Nasuh says he won’t come back from his decision by telling the House. Reyyan is going to Nasuh to prevent her family from interfering. Reyyan wants to understand what happened. Nasuh says he’s not once again worthy of his last name, not Reyyan. Nasuh says he made this decision not to lose his son to Hazar. But he still has bad thoughts about Reyyan, and he says Reyyan is going to die with his own feet.

A slap from Azize to Miran
Miran sees Gonul of the door and throws it out of her arm. Miran says he doesn’t want to see her around. He jumps up the arba with rage and takes Gonul home. When Miran gets home, he comes across Azize. The whole family is gathering in the courtyard with his scream. While Miran is asking his father for a lien, Azize slaps Miran. And before Miran, he starts asking for an account. Miran screams that Reyyan must marry Azat. He says he’s not going to pull Aziz, and he owns it.

Hazar is not the real father of Reyyan

Hazar doesn’t want his daughter to marry the man he doesn’t like. Hazar wants to talk to his wife and tell Reyyan the truth. Azat learns that Hazar is not the real father of Reyyan. Hazar describes how he love Reyyan. Zehra says she is grateful to Hazar for being a father to Reyyan. Hazar says it should tell the truth and that Reyyan does not burn herself. But Zehra doesn’t look so hot on this idea. She’s having a big shock with her freeing and throwing herself out on the street.

Hercai Episode 11 Trailer

Hercai Episode 11
The serie will be updated on May 24th. Thank You …..

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