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Kuzgun All Episodes

The new 10th episode trailer released!. The thing that makes Kuzgun crazy! Watch Kuzgun (The Raven) Last 9th episode …..

On Star TV with the last episode of Kuzgun (The Raven) who came to the screen last night; Kuzgun learns that the warehouse was raided from Cihan and that Kartal was there. Kartal can’t take the shock of being shot at Teo. With a difficult decision, Dila explains that her father went to Rifat and married Kuzgun. Rifat’s reaction is very harsh. The people of the house are learning the news that Dila is getting married. 

Kuzgun, who intervened on Ali’s reaction to Dila, is fighting him. Kudret asks Dila to make a wedding. Sharmin with Bora’s orientation; Meryem invites Kartal and Kumru to the wedding. On the day of the Wedding, Kuzgun is attracted to Dila’s wedding dress. The time between Dila and Kuzgun begins when they are forced to suppress their emotions. Meanwhile, the truth about Bora Is coming step by step. Well, what else happened in the last episode? Has the new 10th episode trailer been released? Here is what you wonder about the series.

With the last 9th episode, Star TV appeared on the screens to the audience of Kuzgun (The Raven); Dila is marrying Kuzgun by her father, Rifat and his family explains. Reactions from both sides are very harsh. There’s a violent fight between Ali and Kuzgun. Kuzgun and Dila are waiting for a difficult game after the wedding. Kuzgun and Dila have done what they asked, and now waiting to receive a request from Behram, Terzi has done what Dervis dervish the world has made, and expects Behram to receive Ijaazat. Dervish reminds them once again the reals of the world they entered. Guns explode in an environment of Dila and her family. Here is 10th episode trailer and episode summary of Kuzgun (The Raven).

Kuzgun episode 10
Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 10

What happen in the last episode?
When Kartal rescued Ali, Cihan pointed his gun at him and wants him to reconnect Ali. Ali explains that he is the brother of Kartal. When Cihan is shocked, Teo and his men go in and get the guns talking. Heis firing at the back of the warehouse. Kartal shoots Teo, who ignores Ali’s warnings. Kartal, who enters the Shock, tries to calm Ali.

Dila and Kuzgun are getting married
Meanwhile, the wedding of Kuzgun and Dila Is about to be chopped. Their Names are read. Ali, along with Teo, leads Bora to the road while driving. He says they’re Good and they’re coming. Bora calls Dila on the phone, but he can’t reach her. Sends a voice message to Dila, he asks Kuzgun not to accept his offer. The weddings of Dila and Kuzgun are chopped.

Dila accept Kudret’s offer
After the Wedding, Kuzgun reminds Dila of what he said in the past. Dila say to Kuzgun, “You cut my hair, I’ll cut your arm off.” In The meantime, she remembers why she said yes to Kuzgun. It is faced with the danger of being disbarred. The Organized Branch Manager has accepted Kudret’s offer. Kudret tells to Dila what he wants from her.

Dila says “OK”

Dila, who meets with Potency, says she can’t hold Kuzgun. Kudret wants Dila to marry Kuzgun. But on one condition, he says that he must have a real marriage. Dila has no choice. Dila says, “okay.” He congratulates her and says he will regret it for forcing her into this marriage.

Kuzgun learning to raid

Kuzgun is calling Cihan to tell him to leave Ali. Cihan says that Ali escaped the raid. And then he said his brother Kartal was with them. Kuzgun goes berserk. He goes straight to Meryem’s house and calls Kartal out. Meryem is worried. She asks Kuzgun what happened. Kuzgun says it’s nothing, just talk to Kartal. For Kuzgun, who is Kartal, will never have to work with those people.

Rifat’s reaction is getting tough

Dila goes to visit Rifat, his father in prison. He tells him he doesn’t want Kuzgun to return to the blood case, and then she’s marrying Kuzgun. Rifat is surprised at what he suffered against. He rises to the moon in anger and tears and warns Dila not to come to visit him again.

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Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 10
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