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Kardeş Çocukları All Episode

New 10th episode trailer the first scene is released … In the lasy episode The War between Hayat And Hayal is escalating!

Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister) Episode 9 Came to the screen last night; After meeting Cemal, Ümran is once again reckoning with her brother. Volkan crisis explodes between Hayat and Hayal. When Yildirim wants to learn the secrets of Ümran, Cemal becomes a big threat to Yildirim. So What else happened in the last episode of Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister)? The first scene of the new episode was released. Here’s What you wonder about the series.

Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister) came to the screen with the last 9th episode of Star TV series last evening; Ümran is asking for an account on Umay’s collar. By drawing his own path, Umay does not leave the elections once again to Umran. The voices are rising between Hayat and Hayal. Volkan and Hayat are living in great tide. Meanwhile, Cemal doesn’t know what to stop. The envy of Ümran, Yildirim, opens the door to new evils. The first scene of the New episode was released. Here is 10th episode of Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister)

What happen in the last episode?

Umay says that Cemal should be able to talk to Cemal to avoid the emergence of her life. She Also says that Cemal should go away and be far from Ümran. Cemal sickly says “Umran is where I am stand.” With the coming of Cemal, Umran faces bitter the truth. She also learns that Umay is collaboring with Cemal. As soon as Umran sees Cemal, she punches him. She said she would be a slave to Umay by threatening Cemal, and he will remain his wife.

Kardeş Çocukları Ep 10
Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister) Episode 10

Resat Pursuit of The Past
Reşat learns that there is a past connection between Umay and Yıldırım. As a result of his research he learns that Umay and Yildirim know each other. also brings the news that the necessary organ for Reşat. But the one who struggled with the question marks in his head welcomes them to a scattered state. Meanwhile, Umay’s future plans will be a surprise for Reşat.

Ümran Attacks Umay
To protect the daughter of Umran, on the other hand, is forced to stand against lies. Umay has no intention of leaving his own future in the hands of Ümran. Ümran catches Umay and attacks him. Umay’a by asking the account ‘ you, because of me girdin’ the bosom of the man who loved him, dragging him in places.

The Fight of Hayat-Hayal
Between Hayat and Hayal, Volkan crisis explodes with all its violence. Hayal is based on Hayat’s room and she say: “I will talk to that hypocrite liar,” she adds a stir. What happens between Girls affects everyone.

Yildirim is in Danger
Umran’s jealousy grows to Cemal. This situation is a big danger to Yildirim. Yildirim is beginning to learn the secrets of Umran, unaware of the future.

Kardeş Çocukları Episode 10 Trailer

Kardeş Çocukları Episode 10
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