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Hercai All Episodes

The new 10th episode trailer of Hercai has released!. The terrible trap of Miran has fallen!

Hercai 9th episode came to the screen tonight with his last episode; Miran is being set up by Azize in a very big trap. Everything he knows about Miran’s mother, the son of Hazan Şadoğlu, is wrong. Azize wants to avenge Şadoğlu. Meanwhile, when Nasuh finds the ropes of Yaren, he loses all his trust in his family. Miran is not leaving Reyyan alone. Miran, who hears Azat and Reyyan will not be married, is immediately mobilized. So, what else happened in the last episode of Hercai?. Here is what you wonder about the series…

In the last episode of Hercai; When Reyyan stops marrying, the day is born to Miran. Azize’s vengeance is not over yet. Everything’s starting for him. Miran is true son of Hazar and Azize, he is original plan to avenge the Azize family of Miran, a real shamoglu. Yaren catches her father and shakes all of Cihan’s trust. Here is 9th episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai ….

What happen in the last episode?
Miran is based on Reyyan’s door. And when asked who he is, he says, “I’m the husband of this girl, I came to pick up my wife.” Reyyan is coming out to send Miran. Miran asks why you stopped getting married.

hercai 10 Bolum
Episode 10 Hercai: Turkish Drama

Azize’s dreaded plan
Azize is anxious to find out that Miran’s father is Hazar, and he wants his mother to learn how he died. Azize, when the usual of Miran, “Şadoğlu will ruin his family, then he’ll learn with everyone” he says. He also says “Miran is going to brainwash so he doesn’t wake up.”

She gets beaten from the father of Yaren
Yaren is caught of Cihan. Cihan sees Yaren with Gonul and brings the house to the beat. He admitting that he was the one who brought Reyyan to the mansion, yelling at his father. At that time, Nasuh comes and takes Yaren away from his father. While Cihan will tell her father the truth, Handan is interfering with her husband. Nasuh, when he finds out that Yaren is seeing Gonul, he’s spreading rage on Yaren. Even though his grandfather came out of his mercy, Cihan no longer has any forgiveness for his daughter. Cihan wants to marry Yaren. He says there’s a kismet with Nasuh.

Miran does not give up from Reyyan
Miran is not leaving his side, despite all of Reyyan’s obstrucagens. Even if there’s a shootout between them, Miran doesn’t give up. The debate with the scorpion sting of Reyyan remains unfinished. Miran wants to take him to the hospital. Reyyan is waiting for a difficult night. Miran wants to help her overcome this difficult night by holding the hand of his beloved.

Hercai episode 10 Trailer

Hercai episode 10
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