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Her Yerde Sen All Episodes

The new 10th episode trailer of Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are) has released! Selin and Demir having trouble resisting the attraction between them.

Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are) series airs on FOX on Friday nights at 08 PM with new episodes in the summer. Starring Furkan Andic, Aybuke Pusat, Ali Fatci and Aslihan Malbora, the series stars; Demir and Selin, who claim edit the same house, are told about the events that happened to them after they began to live together.

Episode 10 Her Yerde Sen
Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are) Episode 10
In the last episode of Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are) series; Upon learning that Selin is the woman vedat likes, Demir is furious with Selin, who caused it with his lie, and sees the presentation in Paris as an opportunity to walk away. Selin, who can’t figure out Demir’s reaction, can’t digest his going with Alara. As Alara makes many plans for her trip to Paris, Vedat realizes the distance Demir has set, and calls on her to confront her.

What happen on the last episode?

Selin, who sweats to hide the secrets about Demir on her surprise birthday, meets a dangerous guest. Upon hearing that Alara has learned her secrets, Demir takes action. As Selin and Demir get closer, the confession from Selin pushes Demir to make a sudden decision.

Demir will support Selin, who is oppressed under the weight of the lies he tells. Selin, whose conscience hurts more, prepares to confess everything. As emotions rise between her and Demir, the surprise birthday prepared for Selin will jeopardize the secrets they keep.

Her Yerde Sen Episode 10 Trailer

Her Yerde Sen Episode 10
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