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The new 10th episode will be at TRT 1 on March 19, 2019 Tuesday evening. What will happen to the last episode of Halka (The Ring)?

The new 10th episode trailer of Halka (The Ring) released. In the last episode; Kaan and Cihangir continue to investigate the secret histories. The series will be published on March 19, 2019 Tuesday evening at TRT 1…

The last chapter of Halka (The Ring) is experiencing unexpected developments, the secret doors are trying to be searched. Kaan and Cihangir, who pursued the unknown past, are not yearning for obstacles and are beginning to progress within a new plan. The developments in this plan include the intersection of the paths of Cihangir and Müjde. Cabbar’s killer wants the support of Cihangir in his new challenging task. Bahar that comes face-to-face with Terzi remains in the middle of the great danger. Halka (The Ring) appeared in front of the audience with his new 10th episode trailer.

What happened in the last episode?
In the last episode of Halka (The Ring) series signed by Es Film, which meets the audience on Tuesdays TRT1 screens; Things are escalating and gunshots are rising. The concern is that the members of the Chagatai ring are rising and everything is clearly spoken. Kaan and Cihangir share the secret, the Kumpas, the mysterious moments of the mutual. Two together, they decide to keep the secret of doors.

Halka 10. bolum
Halka (The Ring)10th Episode Trailer And Episode Summary

TRT’s police series met with the new division of the public television audience. In the last sections of Halka (The Ring), the Chagatai storm continues. In order to conquer the formation of the ring, Çağatay is about to reach his goal with a strong move, and he encounters a surprise that the series does not expect at the end. What about his new target? Is Cihangir going to get his revenge?

In the new 10th episode trailer of the public published; With the death of Irem, the Cihangir is deeply shaken by the killing of the dead, while the life of Nadir’s plan, Kaan and Cihangir’s lives may have to change. In the formation of the public, the disappointment of the order of the country, and the disappointing Çağatay is not sure whether to obey it. Meanwhile, Mujde is very close to Cihangir.

Halka (The Ring) Episode 10 Trailer

Halka (The Ring) Episode 10
The serie will be updated on March 19th. Thank You …..

Plot Story of Halka (The Ring)
Two young men, two different people, two victims, they come from different places, stand next to each other, fighting with persistence and rage, the Chancs of Destiny, a Kumpasi counted as coincidence. They’re going after a distant past that’s long gone.  They’re asking for the account of old notebooks, dirty cases, big and small lies. They drift into a life where the Mafia, the money, the intrigue speaks and is silent. The story of a Dark World, a circle, a stop-stop adventure. A history of bleeding and bleeding. Kaan and Cihangir’s vengeance on the ground… 
Halka (The Ring) is a brisk, adventure-themed TV series that uses police trams. The ring name comes from a criminal network known for its three ring symbols. The most fundamental feature of the ring is the increasing Enigma tempo in each episode, and a character content that women are strong, directed and directed, unlike classic Mafia narcolons. The protagonists of the story are Kaan and Cihangir, who are the victims of the ring, who are attempting to fight the organization.
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