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The new 10th episode trailer of Afilli Aşk (Affectionate) has released! In the last episode, Kerem did his best to dissuade Ayse from divorcing her. Meanwhile, the desire of fans to kiss on social media became a major crisis. But in the final scene of the episode, Kerem surrendered to his emotions. 

Kanal D screens the popular series Afilli Aşk (Affectionate) new 10th episode met with the audience. This week which again gives viewers a pleasant moment, was marked by a kiss crisis between Ayse and Kerem. After the last episode of the series aired Afilli Aşk (Affectionate) new episode trailer was the subject of curiosity by fans of the series. What else happened in the last episode of Afilli Aşk (Affectionate)?
Episode 10 Afilli Aşk
Episode 10 Afilli Aşk (Affectionate): Summary And Trailer
In the last episode of Afilli Aşk (Affectionate), which came to the screens on Wednesday evening, experienced exciting developments. Ayse and Kerem’s getting closer and whether the big secret will be revealed to the show’s fans. Here is 10th episode trailer and episode summary of Afilli Aşk (Affectionate) …..

What happen in the last episode?Ayse, who says she wants a divorce from her brother, is shocked by Kerem’s last-minute move. Kerem and Ayse face the divorce crisis, while the company is planning for them. Modamu, preparing for a social media campaign starring Kerem and Ayse, will show the love of Kerem and Ayse to everyone. What happens when Volkan, Kerem and Ayse want to kiss the commercial stirred up! The tension between the two is growing.

Meanwhile, both families are in a holiday of sacrifice rush. The social media campaign that went very well will turn into a major crisis with the request of the “kiss photo” from fans.

Afilli Aşk Episode 10 Trailer

Afilli Aşk Episode 10
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