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Hercai 1st Episode

In the 1st episode of Hercai who has released; A love story that grows on the traces of Midyat’s thousands of years of history.

Hercai 1st episode. You can watch the whole episode here. The series says hello to a whole new series of spectators in the ATV, which brings together the best Tv shows in Turkey. The New series Hercai was in the ATV with his first episode yesterday. Yet in the first part he locked the viewers on the screens. 
With the end of the TV screens of the first part of the critically acclaimed construction, the spectators were all released in one piece in the last episode? The answer to the question. Those who missed the first part of the first sight, and who want to watch again, you can watch Hercai Episode 1 here!

A love Series have met with a whole new set of ATV screens. The new series Hercai, which has Long been spoken and eagerly anticipated, said ‘ hello ‘ to the audience on ATV screens last night. In the first part, with the end of the series of Hercai, which locks the viewers to the screens, the first part of the series was wondering what happened. After the First sight, we have compiled information about the structure that changed the fate and the great life exams that have been successfully processed.

Hercai Episode 1

What happen in the first episode of Hercai?
After the great appreciation of the series of Hercai, television viewers who wonder about the series are doing research on the first part of the series. Here’s the whole first part of the HERCAI series for information and kidnappers!

A love story that grows on the traces of Midyat’s past thousands of years, Miran Aslanbey, who comes to Midyat as a businessman from Istanbul, offers more than a partnership to Nasuh Şadoğlu: Her granddaughter, Reyyan, asks. However, there are different plans for Miran, where the most powerful family of the region, Nasuh, is a very good kismet. He’ll give Him a granddaughter, but not her own granddaughter. 

Nasuh is unaware of Miran’s plans while trying to convince Miran of his own plan. While the decision between the Two men is expected to be curiously, the news will deeply affect the life of Reyyan and Yaren. 
Hercai Whole Episode 1 Trailer

How will a love story that grows on the traces of Midyat’s thousands of years of history affect the destiny of the two families? Will the beauty of Midyat and the handsome businessman of Istanbul be able to meet the legendary Reyyan? In the first part of Hercai, you will witness a great exam with love at first sight!  “,
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