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Canevim (My Life) series is followed by a series of legendary series of legends that have been monitored in the ATV, which brings the legend sequences to the screens: “Canevim” ATV’s highly anticipated new series Canevim’s first teaser met with the audience last night. 

Produced by Koliba Film: Ata Türkoğlu, directed by Adnan Guler, the series, is drawn in Istanbul Beykoz. The series depicts the events that are evolving around a family that is tightly linked to each other’s troubles. Biran Damla Yilmaz, Aras Aydın and Özgür Cevik share the leading roles of Simge Selçuk, Nihan büyükagac, Zuhal Gencer Erkaya, Reza Akin, Burcu Tuna, Ezgi Şenler, Bedia Ener, Münire Apaydin and Omrum Nur Çamçakalli are taking part in the role of Canevim (My Life) series.

Canevim episode 1
Canevim (My Life) Episode 1

His screenplay, Filiz Alpgezmen, than Eylem Akin and Murat Can Tura, Canevim (My Life), who will take everyone from seven to seventy, strong scenario and skillful cast team will build the throne in the hearts of ATV viewers.  “,

Canevim (My Life) Episode 1 Trailer

Canevim (My Life) Episode 1
The serie will be updated soon

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