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Diriliş Ertuğrul Season 6

Diriliş Osman, a sequel of Diriliş Ertuğrul series, is eagerly awaited. The show’s strong followers are doing research, “When will Diriliş Osman Be Published?” 

The actors-actresses of Diriliş Osman (The Resurrection Osman) series, which will be coming to ATV screens in the new season, were also investigated. Burak Oznailt in particular is receiving a lot of attention. Here are the latest developments regarding the series, which has a large audience!

Diriliş Osman, which will begin on ATV screens, was quite curious. Both the cast and the release date are curious. The show’s lead will be Burak Oznailt. Aysegul Gunay will come to the screens with the role of Osman Bey’s sister-in-law Zuhre. While the cast of the series was curious, the show’s followers began to search the search engines with the phrase “When will The Resurrection Osman be broadcast?”. And when will Diriliş Osman begin to air? Here’s up-to-date information…

Synopsis of Diriliş Osman

Diriliş Osman (The Resurrection Osman) series will be the continuation of the Resurrection Ertugrul series. Osman Bey, who became the head of the boat after Ertugrul Bey, will lay the foundations of a new state here. What happened with the succession of Osman Bey, those who came to power during the founding phase of the Ottoman Empire, will all be the subject of the new series Resurrection Osman.

Diriliş Ertuğrul VI Synopsis
Diriliş Osman (Diriliş Ertuğrul VI) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

The Plot Story of the Resurrection Osman series is the founding period of the Ottoman Empire. We know from previous seasons that the Founding Period information was best published in Resurrection series in accordance with the date.

When will Diriliş Osman Begin?
There is no official announcement yet as to when Diriliş Osman series, which is expected to be on ATV screens, will begin. The release of the new season promotions of the series, Resurrection Ertugrul began to excite the audience. Diriliş Ertugrul series, the sequel to the resurrection osman’ın release date has not yet been officially announced. The trailer for the series has not yet been released.


Cast of Diriliş Osman

Diriliş Osman (The resurrection Osman) will be lead actor Burak Oznailt. Successful actress Aysegul Gunay, Osman Bey’s sister-in-law Zuhre Hanim will appear in front of the audience in the series. It is said that Nurettin Sonmez, who plays Bamsi in Diriliş Osman (The Resurrection Osman), and Cengiz Coskun, who plays Turgut Alp, will appear.

Who is Burak Oznailt? (as Osman Bey)
Burak Oznailt was born in Istanbul in 1984. Burak Oznailt is originally from Gaziantep.Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Photography. In 2003, she was selected as a promising person in the Best Model Of Turkey competition. The competition he participated in changed his life. She worked with Ugurkan Erez, quit modeling and worked for Ugurkan Erez Cast. In 2005, she again won the Best Model Of Turkey competition. Behind him, the Best Model Of The World, which represented our country, was the 2nd best in the world. model. He has appeared in fashion shows of famous brands abroad. It has been the face of advertising for many famous brands.

Burak Öznailt’s first acting experience was with the series -18. He then starred in the motion picture Musallat. Burak Oznailt, who is eye-catching with his good looks and acting, starred in the tv series Zoraki Koca, which aired on Kanal D in 2008. betrayal, Father’s Quarry, Little Secrets, The Magnificent Century starred in the series.

Who is Osman Gazi in History?
Osman Gazi; He is known as Osman I, Osman Bey or Osman Khan. Osman Bey, whose mahla is Fahrüddin or Osmancik, was the founder of the Ottoman Principality and the Ottoman Dynasty. He was the first sultan of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish ruler. His grandfather was Suleyman Shah, his grandmother Hayme Hatun, his father Ertugrul Gazi and his mother Halime Bayan.

Osman Gazi valued and respected Edebali’s views due to his personality and training. Osman Bey went to Sheikh Edebali’s Dergah in Eskisehir Sultanonu and consulted him. Osman Bey laid the foundations of the Ottoman Empire in Willow. Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, a state that lasted 600 years, fell ill in Bursa in 1326 and died.

 Diriliş Osman First Trailer

Who is Hulya Darcan? (as Hayme Ana)
Hülya Darcan,
who has been in the cast of the series since the first day the Series of Resurrection Ertugrul began airing, will be part of the series’ team in the new season. Hülya Darcan, who plays Hayma Ana in The Resurrection Ertugrul, will take part in The Resurrection Osman. Who is Hülya Darcan, who will play as Osman Bey’s grandmother in Resurrection Osman?

Hülya Darcan
was born in Izmir in 1951. Hülya Darcan placed 3rd in the 1967 Sound Magazine Cover Star contest. and then received movie offers. Hulya Darcan’s first feature film, Guns, Died at their hands. Hülya Darcan married the famous actor Tanju Korel in 1974. After taking a long break from filming, Hülya Darcan starred in the television series Big Lie. Some of the projects that Hulya Darcan has starred in are; Olive Branch, Good That You Exist, Give Up My Heart, Prisoner, My Heart Chose You, Dila Ms. has starred in the series.

Who is Batuhan Karacakaya? (as Dündar Bey)

Batuhan Karacakaya, who played The Resurrection Ertugrul as Dündar Bey, will now continue to play the role of Resurrection Osman. Who is Batuhan Karacakaya, who will play The Resurrection Osman as Dündar Bey? Information on which projects were previously included; Batuhan Karacakaya was born in Istanbul in 1997. As a child actor, she made her child role as Bulent Ziyagil in The Love Memnu. Batuhan Karacakaya, who became well-liked for her role in the series, later starred in The Desperate Housewives. The young actress was also loved and became more known for her role in the television series Resurrection Ertugrul. Batuhan Karacakaya, who will continue to play in The Resurrection Osman series, wish him success in the same role.

Who is Kaan Tasaner? (as Gundogdu)
Who is the actress Kaan Tasaner who played Gundogdu in The Resurrection Ertugrul? Kaan Tasaner will also appear in the new season in the television series Resurrection Osman. We share with you the information of Kaan Taser, who gave life to the character of The Resurrection Osman series Gundogdu. Kaan Tasaner was born in Antalya in 1979. He is a graduate of Konya Theatre Major and his first acting experience was with his play Kublai in the first light in the dark. The handsome player has been on screen adventure with Büyük Buluşma series.

The first series project that made Kaan Tasaner known was fatmagül’s Crime Ne. Some of the projects he has starred in include; Kuzey Guney, Şahin Tepesi, Mehmetçik Kutül Amare..

Who is Didem Balcin? (as Selcan Hatun)
Selcan Hatun will also appear in The Resurrection Osman with the same character. Who is The Selcan Hatun of Resurrection Osman? Which shows will he be on? Didem Balcin, known for his role as Selcan Hatun, was born in 1982. He graduated from Ankara University acting department. The beautiful actress plays Selcan Hatun in The Resurrection Ertugrul. Didem Balcin’s projects; He has appeared in The Expat Travelers, Town, Guide to Understanding Women, Yalaza, Love of Angels.

Most actress who have appeared in The Resurrection Ertugrul will also appear in The Resurrection Osman. That’s why the players were similar. We will share with you the new actors of The Resurrection Osman series. The actors of The Resurrection Osman series will be featured in the shooting locations in detail. Our topic will be updated. You can write down your comments.
Before the release trailer for The Resurrection Osman series, fans did not stand idle and Burak Oznailtli prepared a new promotion. We leave it to the trailer prepared for Resurrection Osman without further ado.

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