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Devil’s Path 2019

Forests are natural wonders, but they become frightening mazes when danger approaches. These thoughts in mind come from Devil’s Path; a film where all primal things end back in nature. Written and directed by Matthew Montgomery (Socket 2007, OstrichLand 2013), a Psychological Thriller made its way to the North American audience on DVD and VOD on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 thanks to Breaking Glass Pictures.


Synopsis of Devil’s Path

What is the Way of Satan? The Devil’s Path is a famous area in the wilderness park where gay men go for nameless sex. Noah (Stephen Twardokus: Let Me See Your Eyes 2014) stated, “Forest has always been the most comfortable place for me … safe.” He walked around the main road like an injured duck looking for water. He meets Patrick (JD Scalzo: The Broken Rose 2018) on one of the benches. Noah started an awkward conversation using a stack of tarot cards as his ice-breaker.

The two immediately began walking towards Devil’s Path but were stopped by Park Ranger Tom (Steve Callahan: Nine Lives 2004, Role / Play 2010). Ranger Tom warned the men that the road was closed because there were several climbers missing. He told them that they had to get out of the forest before dark because help would not be available until sunrise.

Devil's Path Cast
Devil’s Path Synopsis And Cast: American Movie 2019

Undaunted, Patrick continued and urged Noah to do the same. Both can not be more different. Patrick was looking for a quick chase, but Noah continued to be poetic about soul mates and love. Patrick decides to part with Noah, but this won’t happen.

Far from Patrick, Noah had been attacked and bleeding. He told Patrick that the two men were after him trying to complete the action. Now Patrick is stuck with Noah when they desperately try to navigate the darker forest to escape their two pursuers who clearly want to kill them. The more time spent together together the more tense the situation.


Trailer of Devil’s Path


Detail of Devil’s Path

Director: Matthew Montgomery
Author: Matthew Montgromery, & nbsp; Stephen Twardokus
Producer: Stephen Twardokus, Matthew Montgomery
Cinematographer: Stephen Tringali
Release: March 5, 2019
Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes
Studio: Proteus Pictures
Country: United States


Cast of Devil’s Path

JD Scalzo,
Stephen Twardokus,
Steve Callahan,
Jon Gale,
Michael Hampton,
Spencer Kelly

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