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Deep in My Heart (2019)

Deep in My Heart (我 心 深 触) is the latest Chinese series that tells the story of revealing mysteries and healing following a man with special abilities who can see the past and a woman with multiple personalities.

The Chinese Drama “Deep in My Heart (我 心 深 触)” starts on June 19, 2019 on the QQLive and Tencent TV channels every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday local time. This latest Mandarin series has 28 episodes.

Starring handsome actor Zhou Chen Gao and newcomer actress Nina Wang. This Chinese Drama Deep in My Heart (我 心 深 触) became their first debut starring in the main character. Not only that artists Caesar Li, Cui Xin Xin, Zhang Hao Cheng and Crawdi and also become players in this Chinese drama.

It was worked on by director Zhong Hao and the filming of the film took place since May 2018 in Suzhou, China. Come on, read to the plot story and the synopsis of Deep in My Heart below.


Synopsis of Deep in My Heart

Kong Yi Fei (Zhou Chen Gao) has many identities. He is a music teacher at a liberal arts school and a criminal psychologist with a talent for seeing the past when touching someone else’s hands.
Han Bing (Nina Wang) is a reporter of a warm-blooded woman who is another self who is a raging soul. The two met after being accidentally drawn into a serial murder case.
cast of Deep in My Heart
Deep in My Heart (我 心 深 触) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Together with their detective friend Xu Gao Sheng (Caesar Li), they worked together to arrest the culprit.

Review after watching the first episode, This is a story about Yi Fei, a heart-weak child, when she was little, she got a heart donor from a woman who was also a former donor of another person.

Well, the woman also said that she got an illusion after a heart donor. That is felt the same as Kong Yi Fei. He can read minds to see the past of the person he held his hand.

Until now, he finally decided to always wear gloves. One day he went to a nightclub to help help students at an art school he saw in his past. There he met a reporter Han Bing.

The woman put a memory card disk in Yi Fei’s shirt and it turned out that Han Bing was a woman with multiple personalities. At certain times he will turn into another woman.


Detail of Deep in My Heart

Title: Deep in My Heart
Local Title: Wo Xin Shen Chu / 我 心 深 触
Genres: Friendship, Mystery, Romance, Crime
Episodes: 28
Director: Zhong Hao
Scriptwriter: Zhong Hao
Channel Station: QQLive, Tencent Video, We TV Indonesia
Country: China
Showtimes: June 19, 2019 – July 10, 2019, every Wednesday – Friday at 20:00 CST


Trailer of Deep in My Heart


Cast in Deep Heart

Zhou Chen Gao as Kong Yi Fei
Nina Wang as Han Bing / Han Xue
Caesar Li as Xu Gao Sheng
Cui Xin Xin as Zheng Xiao Zhen
Zhang Hao Cheng as Wang Shi Jie
Crawdia as Wu Qing Qing
Liu Luo Xi as Shen Mei Zhu
Wei Ai as Fang Da Yan
Wang Xin as Wu Yan
Sun Ya Li as Yv Si Min

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