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D-Day Assassins 2019

D-Day Assassins is an American movie 2019 with the genre of war action that tells of a group of rebel American soldiers in the second world war known as “The Filthy Thirteen” doing skydiving into Normandy to carry out deadly missions. The film was directed and written by Andrew Jones who previously released the Alcatraz film in 2018.

Some famous stars play here namely Lee Bane, Eric Hayden, Mark Homer, Derek Nelson, Vicky Glover, Patrick O’Donnell, Angelique Joan and also Aaron Jeffcoate.

This war movie is made by North Bank Entertainment and is planned to be released starting May 29, 2019 in America via 4Digital Media by using streaming services.


Synopsis of the film D-Day Assassins

In 1944, a group of American soldiers known as “The Filthy Thirteen” became an increasing problem for their superiors. They disobeyed orders, rarely bathed, and often went out without permission from their barracks.

But these rebel people were given the opportunity to redeem their behavior when they were chosen to be the first unit to plunge behind the German lines during the Normandy invasion. Their aim is to move through enemy territory on foot and destroy Nazi supply lines and escape from the route.

D-Day Assassins movie 2019
D-Day Assassins Synopsis, Trailer, And Cast: American Movie
Some call it a suicide mission. But they have not relied on the ferocity and determination of the assassin group D-Day Assassins who will not stop to bring down the enemy. This is a brutal and thrilling real life story that inspires “The Dirty Dozen”.


Detail of D-Day Assassins

Director: Andrew Jones
Author: Andrew Jones
Starring: Lee Bane, Eric Hayden, and Mark Homer
Producer: Rebecca Graham, Andrew Jones
Studio: North Bank Entertainment
Release: May 29, 2019
Duration: 90 minutes

Trailer of D-Day Assassins 

Cast of D-Day Assassins

Lee Bane as Father Mancuso
Erick Hayden as Richard
Ciaron Davies as Picadilly Willy
Derek Nelson as Young Hawkeye
Mark Homer as Officer Heinrich
Vicki Glover as Jessica
Patrick O’Donnell as McNasty
Paris Stangl as Officer Ziegler
Angelique Joan as Catherine
Tom Ward-Thomas as Hood No #1
Dennis Farrin as Arthur
Aaron Jeffcoate as Chris
Dom Gladwin as Max
Jason Homewood as Officer Fischer
Brendan Purcell II as Joey
Louise Rhian Poole as Andrea
Ed Allenby as Frenchy
Ryan Michaels ….

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