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コ ー ヒ ー & バ ニ ラ 2019

Coffee and Vanilla (コ ー ヒ ー & バ ニ ラ) is a new Japanese Drama series tell about the love story between a beautiful girl and popular among men who have never been dating. A man with a dark past who now lives as an entrepreneur and looks perfect appears in front of him. They fall in love with each other.

This Japanese drama Coffee and Vanilla (コ ー ヒ ー & バ ニ ラ) was adapted based on the famous manga series titled Takara Akegami and was first published in 2015 in the manga Cheese magazine. Starring the famous and beautiful actress Haruka Fukuhara who played Mina in Japanese drama 3 Nen A Gumi.

For the main male character player is actor Dori Sakurada who plays Daichi in the popular Good Morning Call series, which was then the main female actor Haruka Fukuhara as Nao. Other players include Mario Kuroba, Yuuki Ogoe, Shogo Hama and Noa Kita as supporting characters.

Directed by Smith and scriptwriter Yuko Shimoda, who both worked together on the Japanese series Bungaku Shoujo and Boku wa Mari no Naka. The drama starts on July 4, 2019 on the MBS television channel every Friday at 24:59 local time. Let’s look at the story plot and the Coffee & Vanilla Synopsis below.


Synopsis of Coffee and Vanilla

Tells a woman named Risa Shiroki (Haruka Fukuhara), a 20-year-old student. From the countryside he came to Tokyo to go to college. She is very beautiful and popular with male students, but Risa doesn’t have a boyfriend yet. She dreams of having a romantic love story.

Coffee and Vanilla (コ ー ヒ ー & バ ニ ラ)
Coffee and Vanilla (コ ー ヒ ー & バ ニ ラ) Synopsis And Cast: J-Drama

Hiroto Fukami (Dori Sakurada), a 30-year-old businessman who was gentle and perfectly-looking appeared in front of him wearing a suit.

Risa Shiroki and Hiroto Fukami fell in love, but actually Hiroto Fukami had a dark past.


Details of Coffee and Vanilla

Title: Coffee and Vanilla
Other Title: Coffee & Vanilla
Local Title: コ ー ヒ ー & バ ニ ラ / Kohi & Banira
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 10 (ten)
Director: Smith
Scriptwriter: Takara Akegami from Manga and Yuko Shimoda
Channel Station: MBS
Country: Japan
Displayed on: July 4, 2019, every Friday at 24.59 JST


Trailer of Coffee and Vanilla


Cast of Coffee and Vanilla

Haruka Fukuhara as Risa Shiroki
Dori Sakurada as Hiroto Fukami
Mario Kuroba as Takaaki Akutsu
Yuuki Ogoe as Tsubasa Yoshiki
Shogo Hama as Yuki Ichiyanagi
Noa Kita as Natsuki Ashiya

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