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Çocuk Filming Location

Where is Çocuk (The Children)’s shot? Here is Çocuk (The Children) series shooting Locations and Venues ….

Star Tv will start broadcasting on Monday, September 9, Çocuk (The Children) series was the subject of curiosity by viewers. In the city where the children’s series was filmed, it was one of the most intridenied topics at the time. We searched for you at the scene of Çocuk (The Children) series. 

The first trailer for Çocuk (The Children) series prepared by 1441 Production Company for Star TV met with enthusiasts. The places shot in the promotional video shown are places that are familiar with our eyes.

Nazan Kesal, Merve Callan, Kenan Acar, Ceyda Fire, Serhat Teoman, Ismail Hadjioglu and Mehmet Emin Guney in the cast of Çocuk (The Children) series, such as the set is curious.

Çocuk Filming Location
Çocuk (The Children) Filming Location
Where Çocuk (The Children) Was Filmed?
Although in Istanbul is the set address of Çocuk (The Children) series under the direction of Serkan Birinci, there are shots on Sultan Ahmet Meydani. The Filming Location of the series is also taking place in the remaining districts of Istanbul.

Plot Story of Çocuk (The Children) 
The series, which focuses on a child’s mother stay, is expected to meet with audiences in September. The series will use places such as Istanbul Beykoz, Sariyer is among the information given.

Star TV screens, Kardes Cocuklari (The Sister’s Children) and Kuzgun (The Raven) series continues while the summer season is expected to continue the series of Benim Tatli Yalanim (My Sweet Lie), Güvercin (The Pigeon), Sevgili Geçmiş (Dear Past) and Cocuk (The Children) will continue to meet with the audience in the days remaining with the series.

Moreover, although most of the series expected to be aired in the coming season is shot outside Istanbul, Istanbul is the preferred city on the set of Çocuk (The Children) series.

Firs trailer of Çocuk (The Children)

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