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The Legend of Chong Er

Chong Er’s Preach (重耳 传), also known as “The Legend of Chong Er” is the latest Chinese drama adapted based on the historical past of Chong Er, a great ruler who dedicated himself to the country to be exiled from his own place.

The Chinese drama Chong Er’s Preach (重耳 传) airs starting March 12, 2019 on the ZJTV channel, every Tuesday to Thursday at 22:00 local time. The main cast in the drama series are actors Henry Wang Longhua and Zhang Yi Shan. While the female characters are beautiful actress Zhang Hanyun.

Next the player of Chong Er’s Preach (重耳 传) there are a beautiful actress Han Chae Young from South Korea was also rumored to appear as the main actor in the Mandarin film. But in 2017 there was a diplomatic policy between Korea and China and the original plan of Han Chae Young appeared as Li Ji‘s character.

But because of the Hallyu ban in China at that time, it was finally replaced by the beautiful actress Madina Memet. Okay, now you can read the full synopsis of The Legends of Chong Er.


Synopsis of Chong Er’s Preach

A story about the determined determination of Chong’er played by Henry Wang Longhua for the sake of his country and the sometimes heartbreaking emotional connection formed with Qi Jiang played by Zhang Hanyun, Li Ji (Madina Memet), Ying Yue (Shen Mengchen) and Ji Wei .

Since he was young, Chong Er read a lot and he was very diligent in learning, always dissatisfied and always wanting to study again and again. He is humble, kind to others, and very talented so many people choose to follow in his footsteps.

the legend of chong er
Chong Er’s Preach Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Chong Er loves his country and thinks of many ways to help the people. However, he became the victim of a conspiracy made by corrupt officials. Li Ji hopes that Xi Qi will become the Crown Prince so he plans to bring down the Crown Prince at this time.

He also conspired against Chonger and Yi Wu (Zhang Yi Shan) who were forced to flee. Jin Xian Gong (Tan Kai) assumed that Chong Er and Yi Wu were guilty as charged, so he sent people to pursue them.

Chong Er then went to exile for 10 years, surviving many efforts in his life and building relationships with neighboring countries. After feeling the difficulties of life, he learned to empathize with people to become good but effective rulers.


Details of Chong Er’s Preach

Title: The Legends of Chong Er
Other Title: Chong Er’s Preach / 重耳 传
Genre: Drama, Historycal
Episodes: 78 (seventy eight)
Director: Lai Shuiqing and Zhao Jian
Scriptwriter: Li Zhuo
Channel Station: ZJTV, Tencent TV, Youku TV,
Country: China
Aired on: March 12, 2019, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00


Trailer of Chong Er’s Preach


Cast of Chong Er’s Preach

Henry Wang Longhua as Chong Er
Zhang Yishan as Yi Wu
Purba Rgyal as Shen Sheng
Zhang Hanyun as Qi Jiang
Shen Mengchen as Ying Yue
Madina Memet as Li Ji
He Gang as Jie Zitui
Bro Tingting as Ji Kui
Guo Xiaoran as Zhao Cui
Jin Hanxi as Qin Huaiying
Deng Ning as You Shi
Tan Kai as Jin Xiangong
Cheng Yuanyuan as Shao Ji
Lin Yongjian as Qin Mugong
Wang Yan as Hu Ji
Yvonne Yung Hung as Qi Ji
Gong Beibi as Yun Ji
Bao Jianfeng as Qi Huangong
Mai Hongmei as Li Rong Guo Zhu Fu Ren
Jin Qiaoqiao as Qin Mu Gong Fu Ren

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