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Cheat My Boss 2019

Cheat My Boss (马卡 龙 少女) is the newest Chinese romantic comedy drama, also known as Macaron Girl. The synopsis plot of the story is about a clothing company CEO who disguised himself as an apprentice for internet celebrities. In that closeness, the romantic relationship of the two becomes visible.

The drama Cheat My Boss (马卡 龙 少女) airs on the TV station Mango TV starting May 23, 2019 every Thursday to Friday. Has 24 episodes and is planned to end on June 20, 2019.

The main character in the Chinese series Cheat My Boss (马卡 龙 少女) is the beautiful actress Charlene Chen, known as the popular “Flipped” drama player who aired in 2018. Meanwhile for the male lead, played by newcomer Lu Yong Zhuo. He will appear as the CEO of an undercover underwear company to improve his sales reputation.


Synopsis of Cheat My Boss

Jiang Chu Chu (Charlene Chen) just graduated from university and now makes money as an internet celebrity. The heir of the underwear company, Luo Tian Yi (Lu Yong Zhuo), was tested when a customer gave them a very bad online ranking.
Cheat My Boss Chinese Drama
Cheat My Boss (马卡龙少女) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
The customer was none other than Chu Chu. Luo Tian Yi tried to return a bad rating from its customers to 100% good. Finally he disguised himself and began working as an apprentice worker in Chu Chu’s tum.


Detail of Cheat My Boss

Title: My Boss / Macaron Girl cheat
Other Title: 马卡 龙 少女
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 24
Director: Zhu Wei Li
Scriptwriter: Liu Chen, Jin Yi Nan
Station Channel: Mango TV
Country: China
Showtimes: May 23, 2019 – June 20, 2019, Every Thursday and Friday


Trailer of Cheat My Boss


Cast of Cheat My Boss

Charlene Chen as Jiang Chu Chu
Lu Yong Zhuo as Lu Tian Yi
Pu Tao as Xiao Yu
Liu Ming Kai as Yue Cheng
Jin Can as Nan Nan
Zi Jin as Zi Miao
Jian Qin Yun
Ceng Yan Fen
Su Chen
Zhang Chen

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