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Canevim Turkish Drama

Canevim series will be a summer 2019 series, and Canevim series shootings will start in April in Istanbul.

The ATV is getting ready to face the audience in a new summer 2019 series. From Seven to seventy, Canevim series will put everyone into a strong script and a talented cast team to mark the summer of 2019. The director of the Canevim series, which is produced by Koliba Film Ata Türkoğlu, will be Adnan Güler.

His screenplay, Filiz Alpgezmen, Eylem Akın and Murat Can Tura, the female leading actor of the series Canevim was announced as Biran Damla Yilmaz. As it is Known, Biran Damla Yilmaz has managed to break the records of the watch with Kırgın Cicekler, in summer series, and was one of the most watched productions of 3 season on screens.


Synopsis of Canevim Turkish Drama

On Canevim series, we will watch the love of a poor girl named Ceylan with an orphan and orphaned young man named Maraz Ömer. A young girls who plan marriage want to earn money; Ömer goes to Ceylan in the construction site in Kars cleaning. 
canevim cast
Canevim Synopsis, Trailer, And Cast: Turkish Drama
Omer is a rich and spoiled young man who has gone to a cleaning business suffers from the harassment of Taylan and begins the story …..


Cast Canevim Turkish Drama

Aras Aydin as Ömer
Aras Aydın
was born on July 2, 1989 in Eskisehir and is within 30 years of age. Aras Aydın graduated from Istanbul State University. He First appeared in the series of STV’s Legend of Compassion Tepe and had an acting experience.  In the series of Cherry Season, he was known For his beloved Emre and was very much loved by Aras Aydın Inname Love and N’is Separation sequences; However, the handsome actor Aras Aydin was Not the last, and the series of Altınsoylar had a great frustration with the two times, despite the broadcast was not held.

is a handsome smart and moral young man in the series of Canevim. Omer falls in love with Ceylan, a Young girl’s lover. Ömer, who is engaged in Construction works, has no parents, but only a grandmother who is called a pilgrim mother.

Biran Damla Yilmaz as Ceylan

Biran Damla Yilmaz, who will play the character of Ceylan in the new series of Atv Canevim, was born on June 28, 1997 in Gebze, Istanbul. He was impersonating actors at a Young age, causing his parents to print him out. In This way, the entry into the world of acting Biran Damla Yilmaz 14-15 years of age in the sector. The series that made Her a reputation has been Broken Flowers. In This series she gained fame with the character of Elyul.

In the series of Kırgin Cicekler, alongside a stepfather named Kemal, Biran, Who plays the character of Elyul, lives in real life with his stepfather. That’s probably why His success.  He was Currently studying at the Conservatory of Biran Damla Yilmaz Crazy Classroom. 21-year-old Biran Damla Yilmaz 1, 64m tall 54 kg weighs.

Ceylan is a smart, powerful and beautiful girl in the series of Canevim. Poverty will survive, despite everything that has happened to the Gazelle. Ceylan’s biggest dream is to marry Omar, who she loves as Karam.

Ezgi Şenler as Mujgan
Ezgi Şenler
has proved himself to Turkey as a professional dancer and actor. Ezgi Şenler was born in Ankara on 1993 and was 26 years of age. Ezgi Şenler, who studied Ballet at Ankara State Opera and Dance, continued his undergraduate education at Hacettepe University Classical Ballet. Ezgi Şenler, who had the first acting experience in the series of Bodrum table, 1.68 cm tall and 55 kg. The Aslı of the Bodrum Tale series, Ezgi Şenler was finally known for his life as a Coral character in the series Breathnefese.

is a beautiful and intelligent girl, the brother of Ceylan. They live a Poor life.

Ömrüm Nur Çamçakallı as Minik Ayşe
Ömrüm Nur Camçakalli
was born on May 3, 2010 in Istanbul and is a 9-year-old young talent in elementary school 3. Class student. The First acting experience in the series of Kırgın Flowers, the Life of Nur Çamçakalli 2018 in the series of Can Kırıkları, Küçük Leyla appeared on the screens. The project, which has taken the most attention of my Life, Nur Çamçakalli, has been a series of Ladies and Daughters of Virtue. The Young talent has also shown a success in the cast of No: 309 series.

Ayse is a smart, sweet and rhetorical child. She goes to the first school, but she knows everything as if she’s grown smaller. He is the youngest brother of Ceylan.

Burcu Tuna as Elvan
Burcu Tuna
, who was born in Ankara on March 16, 1986, is 33 years old. The Film and series player Burcu Tuna took part in important roles in the series such as the Magnificent Century and the Lightning of the Eve. Finally, the production of 2015 and early final in the series of You Benimsin has taken place.

Elvan is the elder sister of Ceylan.

Riza Akin as Hamza
Akın was born in Adana on September 5, 1957 and is 62 years of age. Reza Akın, who owes his Experience to theatrical scenes, was very popular on television with his life and Tahsin character in the series of Brother Share. Riza Akın finally took part in my Home, which was a big shock with the Enemy series, and the series made the final before a few episodes. In Recent times, Braveheart and Maral: My Most Beautiful Story has appeared in the series.

is the father of Ceylan.

Zuhal Gencer Erkaya as Günnur
Zuhal Gencer Erkaya
was born on July 13, 1961 in Istanbul and is 58 years of age. Zuhal Gencer Erkaya, a Very experienced theatre actor, finally gave life to the character of Candan in Gülizar series.

Gunnur is the mother of Ceylan.

Nihan Buyukagac as Feryal Tanbay
Nihan Büyükağaç
is known for Hayat a character in the Brave and Beautiful series of Justice. Nihan Büyükağaç is now 38 years old in Istanbul in 1981. Nihan Büyükağaç, a graduate of Ankara University Theatre, started his acting career in the first Storm series. In Particular, Sevdaluk has experienced important acting experiences in the series of Heartwork. Finally, the Twins in the Memo-Can series gave life to the character Meral.

Feryal and Melis are two beautiful brothers. The spoiled son of Ceylan Feryal, a Wealthy woman who goes to clean the house of Feryal Tanbay, is harassed by Taylan.

Simge Selçuk as Melis Korkmaz
Simge Selçuk
was born in Ankara 1975 and is in the age of 34. She has lived her First series of experiences with the Ferhunde Ladies ‘ series. As a graduate of Bilent University Performing Arts, Simge Selçuk finally gave life to the character of Rasel in the Sea series in my Heart. He was very Well-liked with the Nihal character he gave life in the beautiful Peasant series. One of the important projects for Simge Selçuk is the European European series, which is very well known.

Melis is the sister of Feryal.

Bedia Ener as Hacı Anne
Bedia Ener
was born in Uşak in 1954 and is in the age of 65. One of the many Years of experience, Bedia Ener still continues to take part in theatrical stages. Finally, Bedia Ener, named after the mother of Fatih in the series Kanal D, has previously appeared in the Double Saadet series.

Haci Anne is the grandmother of Omar and Omar is the only existence of his life.

Münire Apaydin as Aytül CeylanMünire Apaydin is 1.78 cm tall and weighs 63 kg. The experienced player who graduated from Anadolu University State Conservatory Theatre Department was originally from Manisa. Münire Apaydın was born in 1979 and is in the age of 40. Münire Apaydin finally gave life to the character of Handan in the series of Warriors.

Aytül Ceylan is neighbors from the neighborhood and goes to clean to make money.

Özgür Çevik as Taylan
Ozgur Çevik
was born in Ankara in the Capital city of May 27, 1981 and is now in the age of 38. He is famous for the character of Niko in the series of Both actress and singer Özgür Cevik Foreign Groom.  Ozgur Çevik has marked the last years with the Earth teacher character, which he gave life in the series Kırgın Flowers. Free Agile Canevim was a big disappointment in the series, but the show did not hold.

Taylan is the spoiled son of Feryal. Taylan harasses Ceylan at the pool party. The slap of the Angry Ceylan to Taylan causes a major crisis.