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Canevim (My Life)

A new Turkish series from ATV is Canevim (My Life)! who is the star? and when will the series be aired?
There’s a new show coming up from the ATV. ATV, which is home to the legendary series with its slogan, which has been monitored for many years on the ATV, will lock the audience on the screens with the Canevim series this time. Who will be in the new series Canevim (My Life) cast in the ongoing casting? Here is the new series of Atv’s information about the series…

Canevim (My Life) series is followed by a series of legends that have been watched on the ATV, which brings the legend series to the screens for years: Canevim produced by Koliba Film/Ata Türkoğlu, directed by Adnan Guler. Canevim’s leading actress is a young and beautiful talent; Biran Damla Yilmaz. The beautiful star will revive the character of Ceylan in this series.

Canevim (My Life): Turkish Series
Canevim (My Life): A new Turkish Series From ATV

Who are the cast of Canevim (My Life)?Soon to begin shooting in Istanbul, the series Nihan Büyükağaç and Simge Selçuk will play two brothers who are the key stones of the series. The Cast continues to work on Canevim’s male leading actors were also discussed with important names.

When will Canevim (My Life) start?Canevim, who wrote his screenplay Filiz Alpgezmen, Eylem Akın and Murat Can Tura, will make a strong scenario for everyone from seven to seventy, and to mark the screens with the skillful cast, and will set the throne in the hearts of the ATV viewers.

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