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Canevim 2019

Where does Canevim (My Life) Turkish series take place, which provincial districts are filming?

One of the most highly anticipated new series of ATV, Canevim (My Life)‘s shooting began. It seems that the new series of ATV screens that stamp the season with the series that it has released this year will also have a very promising name. In this position, where the Canevim series is taken, Canevim series which province district filming is being filmed? And the set of Canevim series where we want to write to you where the scenic places are established.

The best Canevim (My Life) series of this season, the ATV has a very strong staff and produced the production of Koliba film from Ata Turkoglu, directed by Adnan Guler, started the filming of Canevim series. The first part of the series is taken in Istanbul Beykoz. We will continue to share pictures of the venues and sets of Canevim which are going to continue shooting in many places besides beykoz for you.

We said there was a very good staff in this Canevim (My Life) series. Here are some of the players: Biran Damla Yilmaz (Ceylan), Aras Aydın (Ömer), Nihan Büyükağaç (Feryal Tanbay), Simge Selçuk (Melis Korkmaz), Zuhal Gencer Erkaya, Riza Akın, Burcu Tuna, Nur Çamçakalli with successful players such as The last speed of the shooting continues. As new information about the shooting venues of Canevim series is coming, we will continue to write up the current information.

Canevim filming location
Canevim Filming Location: Turkish Drama

What is the subject of  Canevim (My Life) series? It looks like the series will be a pretty nice summer series. With an orphan and an orphaned lad named Maraz Ömer, a very poor girl named Ceylan, who is in love with her, will be able to watch her love for her strong love in the series Canevim. Ceylan and Omer are planning marriage; Ömer’s path falls to Kars, then Ceylan begins to earn money by cleaning. However, it begins a long and difficult journey with Ceylan and Omer, who lives hard days after what happened to them. The story is such a short..

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Where are filming location?

Where the series of Canevim (My Life) is taken, about Canevim in which provincial districts of the shooting once again by writing the new attraction venues in the next days will be updated to convey. Although this is the place of the series taken in Beykoz in Istanbul for the time being, in the future we will continue shooting in different areas, both the rich and luxurious districts of the places reminiscent of poverty to be used in the series already.
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