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Big kill Movie 2018

Presented with pleasant music in the past, there came a new western adventure called Big Kill. Directed and written by Scott Martin, Big Kill seeks to incorporate fun into the western genre, while using a storyline that is overused.

Big Kill movie starred some of Hollywood’s top stars namely Danny Trejo, Jason Patric, Lou Diamond Phillips, Clint Hummel, Christoph Sanders, and also director Scott Martin. The studio film & nbsp; Archstone Pictures is released starting October 19, 2018.


Synopsis of the movie Big Kill

Jim Andrew (Christoph Sanders: Last Man Standing) was an accountant from Philadelphia who had headed west to join his brother in an Arizona city called Big Kill, where it seemed everyone had considered him rich. While on his journey west, he found an army fort that housed two types of gamblers / snipers where they were searched by the Mexican Army.

The first is Travis Parker (Clint Hummel: Battlefield Alien), a friendly woman who is good at cards but is more interested in love. He is someone who can always be found in any brothel, or the bedroom of the most beautiful woman in the city.

His colleague is Jake Logan (Scott Martin: Battle Force), a terrible card player, despite being a gambler, but is rumored to be the best cowboy around. Jim hired Travis and Jake to guide him to Big Kill, Arizona, and also functioned as his bodyguard as he crossed the New Mexico region to Arizona.

big kill 2018 film
Big kill Synopsis And Cast: American Movie 2018

When they arrived at Big Kill, this city was truly dead, even though it continued. Locals continue to run their shops and give each appearance still a part of a rich city, only streets and businesses that are mostly empty.

The Mayor (KC Clyde) is away and everything is in line with the Preacher (Jason Patric: The Lost Boys, Rush), a cloth merchant man, who keeps things in line with an overwhelming feeling in carrying out God’s wrath, and very little from His grace.

Law enforcers are Johnny Kane (Lou Diamond Phillips: Young Guns 1 and 2), a cowboy who is known to be anxious to fight, especially when a man like Jake comes to a city with the reputation of being the best.

When Jim looked for his brother, he became captivated by the daughter of a local shop employee named Josie Strong (Elizabeth McLaughlin: Hand of God). Josie gave Jim, along with Jake and Travis, a better picture of what had happened in the city of Big Kill, forcing all of them to decide whether they would stay and plant roots, or go out of town before things really became dangerous.


Trailer of Big Kill


Details of Big Kill

Director: Scott Martin
Stars: Danny Trejo, Scott Martin, Lou Diamond Phillips
Author: Scott Martin
Duration: 126 minutes
Release: October 19, 2018
Studio: Archstone Pictures


Cast of Big Kill

Danny Trejo, 
Scott Martin,
Lou Diamond Phillips,
Elixa Eliz McLaughlin,
Clint Hummel,
Jason Patric

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