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Batman: Hush 2019

Batman: Hush is a 2019 direct-to-video animated superhero film based on a comic book story of the same name and will be the 13th installment after Batman: Gotham by Gaslight from the DC Animated Movie Universe and the 35th overall film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies after justice league vs the fatal five.

The film Batman: Hush was directed by Justin Copeland based on a scenario from Ernie Altbacker. While the voice actors are Jason O’Mara, & Jennifer Morrison, Geoffrey Arens, and Jerry O’Connell. The film announced at San Diego Comic-Con was released directly to the video on July 19, 2019 by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.


Synopsis of Batman: Hush

Batman: Hush is fighting Batman (Jason O’Mara) against many of his most famous opponents, with the Dark Knight and his villain being manipulated by a mysterious bandaged criminal named Hush (Maury Sterling).
Batman: Hush movie
Batman: Hush Synopsis And Cast: Movie 2019
The next complicated problem is the new romance between Batman and Catwoman (Jennifer Morrison). Can Bruce really open himself to the former enemy who turned into this lover? And if he does, will he be another responsibility in his fight against Hush?

The Romance of Batman and Catwoman
Hush is very much in the story of Batman pop-blockbuster style. Although there is a central mystery to the true identity of Hush and his relationship with Bruce Wayne, his emphasis is generally more on the action of superheroes and the attraction of seeing so many fan-favorite heroes and villains crammed into one story.

Nobody said the epic dispute between Batman and Superman, their easiest duel ever since The Dark Knight Returns. Fans can easily find out about it and many other iconic moments from the comic still survive.

The romance of Batman and Catwoman is easily the other main selling point of this story, both in the form of comics and animation. For all the attention that relationships have gained in the current Batman Rebirth series, Hush really set the tone for Bruce Wayne / Selina Kyle’s dynamics a decade earlier.

If Hush does something well, in conveying a history of problems between two characters and longing, they are desperate to share with each other.


Detail of Batman: Hush

Released: July 19, 2019
Director: Justin Copeland
Voiced by: Jason O’Mara, Maury Sterling, 
Jennifer Morrison, Geoffrey Arens, Jerry O’Connell
Studio: Warner Bros Animation, DC Entertainment
Distributor: Warner Bros Home Entertainment


Trailer of Batman: Hush


Cast of Batman: Hush

Jennifer Morrison as Catwoman
Jason O’Mara as Batman
Maury Sterling as Hush
Jerry O’Connell as Superman
Peyton List
Rainn Wilson
Rebecca Romijn
Vanessa L. Williams
Tara Strong
Stuart Allan
Geoffrey Arend
Hynden Walch
Sean Maher
Jason Spisak
Bruce Thomas
James Garrett

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