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Aynen Aynen In English

Who exactly are the players of Aynen Aynen (Just Like That)? The plot story/ synopsis of the series and how to watch it!

The first part will be published on August 1 who are the same players? The real-life information about the men and women who starred in the series is continuing our writing. Exactly what is the subject of the series, what Day is the new episodes published? Exactly how to monitor the ratings from Anynen how? The story of the Nile and the Emir.


Synopsis of Aynen Aynen

With the development of the Internet Polatlari, we are now accustomed to the series and films to an Internet portal. Exactly the same as the subject of the series was once a series of 1 female 1 male of Demet Evgar. In different ways, we could call it a little more professional shots and more free-to-play and the Internet. He talks about a happy life story about the real life of the duo, who speaks on constant sex.

Aynen Aynen Cast
Aynen Aynen (Just Like That) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

The exact same series is published on the Free YouTube channel. You can search the exact same channel in the Yotubede or access the series videos via the youtube channel. New episodes of the series will be published on Youtube every Thursday at 17:00. The first part of the series released the trailer. The best part is that you can share all your comments about the series directly under the video.


Cast of Aynen Aynen

Who is Nile (Nilperi Sahinkaya)?
Who is the Nile in the series of beautiful players? The character of Nilperi Shahinkaya was born in Dakar, Senegal in 1988. He changed the country because his father was a state official. When his grandfather asked for a fairy name, his father, Nil, found the remedy called Nilperi. The life of active travel abroad lasted until the age of 15. After the separation of her mother and father, Nilperi returned to Turkey with her mother. She completed her first education at Charles de Gaulle in Paris and graduated from Bilkent University Music and Performing Arts in Ankara. She is fluent in German, French, Italian and English, as she is educated in every country he goes to. Since the beginning of 2019, she has completed the filming of her Dream series and began to shoot the YouTube series with the character Nile who is exactly the same.

Who is Emir (Uraz Kaygılaroğlu)?
As the wife of the actor Melis hears, we are the player who responds to the question of Uraz Kaygırlaroğlu (Emir) As of August 1, the first chapter will be published on YouTube, you can follow exactly the same sequence. Born June 30, 1987. They have daughters named Ada. We remember him with Haluk Güney, the father of the Candır series. We advise you to watch the YouTube series if you decide to shoot the next Generation Internet series. A female male-style series is a 2019 version and A+18 model.


Trailer of Aynen Aynen

Exactly the same as the player’s giant squad consists of two people. Please send us your comments If you are the players who have liked our position. 2019-2020 New project of Nilperi Shahinkaya and Uraz Anxioglu will be very mobile.

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