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Autumn Fairy Tale 2019

Autumn Fairy Tale (蓝色生死恋). Have you ever watched the Korean drama “Autumn in My Heart” starring Song Seung-Heon and Song Hye-Kyo? A melodrama story that drains tears and makes the audience crying. Well, in the latest Mandarin movie “Autumn Fairy Tale” the story will be the same, because it was adapted based on the 2000 Korean drama version.

Autumn Fairy Tale (蓝色生死恋) tells the story of accidental exchanges between two baby girls born on the same day that change their destiny and life. A love story, sad, romantic becomes one in this latest 2019 film. You are a highly recommended Chinese Movie fan and are obliged to watch this one movie.

The Chinese Movie Autumn Fairy Tale (蓝色生死恋) was released on February 14, 2019, which was directed by director Wang Cai Tao. The main cast is handsome actor Xu Kai, who is also a player in the 2019 Chinese drama series “The Legends”. Meanwhile for acting opponents from Xu Kai are beautiful actress Zhao Lu Si.

The actress Zhao Lu Si, performing beautifully in the romantic drama “I Hear You”, aired in early 2019. Actress Liang Vicky and actor Jiao Rui appeared as the main supporting players in the film. Alright, now you can read full synopsis of Autumn Fairy Tale.


Synopsis of Autumn Fairy Tale

This movie tells about 2 girls born on the same day and because of mistakes who accidentally exchanged positions. The one turned into a person with a very luxurious life while the other girl lived in poverty. One day both of them were involved in an accident that really changed their lives.
Autumn Fairy Tale
Autumn Fairy Tale (蓝色生死恋) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Movie

Because their lives were also finished after changing to their proper place and they returned to their families.


Detail of Autumn Fairy Tale

Title: Autumn Fairy Tale
Other Titles: Endless Love 2019 / Autumn Fairy Tale China Edition
Local Title: 蓝色生死恋 / Lan Se Sheng Si Lian
Genres: Melodrama, Romance
Director: Wang Cai Tao
Scriptwriters: Wang Cai Tao, Bao Er Qin, Song Hong Xi, Su Xiao Lan and Zhang Lu
Country: China
Displayed on: February 14, 2019
Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes


Trailer of Autumn Fairy Tale


Cast of Autumn Fairy Tale

Xu Kai as Han Tai
Zhao Lu Si as En Xi
Liang Vicky as Su Ran
Jiao Rui as Jun Xi
Meng Mei Qi as Xin Ai
Ren Bin as Yu Chao
Lin Chen Han as En Xi (Young)
Zhao Yun Zhuo as Xin Ai (young)
Samuel Miao as Jun Xi (Young)
Zhang Qiu Ge
Yang Da Peng
Huang Yi
Lemon Zhang
He Ming Han

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