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Arsenal Military Academy (2019)

Arsenal Military Academy (烈火 军校) is the latest Chinese drama that tells the story of a young girl pretending to be a man to replace her brother by joining the military forces. The drama production film Huanyu Film was written by writer Xiao Xiang Dong Er who also wrote the popular Mandarin drama Princess Agents.

The drama Arsenal Military Academy (烈火 军校) airs from August 6, 2019 on the iQiyi and Netflix television channels with 48 episodes ending on September 6, 2019. Starring Bai Lu as the main character and he has also previously been a player in the Chinese series King is Not Easy and the latest is “Lucky’s First Love“. For the main male character player is actor Xu Kai. Both have worked together at Chinese Drama The Legends (2019).

In addition there are also Wu Jia Yi, newcomer artists Liu Si Bo and Gao Yu Er who became the main supporting cast. Alright, let’s read to the plot story or synopsis of the Arsenal Military Academy below.


Synopsis of Arsenal Military Academy

Xie Xiang, played by Bai Lu, joined the army in place of her brother by pretending to be male. She became classmates with the rich Gu Yan Zhen (Xu Kai) and the calm Shen Jun Shan (Toby Lee).
Arsenal Military Academy Plot Story
Arsenal Military Academy (烈火 军校) Synopsis And cast: Chinese Drama
Through their hard training, the three formed a bond to become friends, all of them while Xie Xiang tried to guard her guise. After many incidents, Xie Xiang gained respect from her colleagues and superiors.

She also became the object of affection from two men in her life. The Japanese military stationed more troops in the Northeast region which caused young heroes to engage in battle when they revealed a major conspiracy.


Detail of Arsenal Military Academy

Title: Arsenal Military Academy (2019)
Local Title: 烈火 军校 / Lie Huo Jun Xiao
Genres: Action, Military, Friendship, Historical, Romance
Episodes: 48
Director: Hui Kai Dong
Scriptwriter: Xiao Xiang Dong Er
Channel Station: iQiyi, Netflix
Country: China
Showtimes: August 6 – September 6, 2016, every Monday – Friday at 20:00


Trailer of Arsenal Military Academy


Cast of Arsenal Military Academy

Bai Lu as Xie Xiang/ Xi Liang Chen
Xu Kai as Gu Yan Zheng
Toby Lee as Shen Jun Shan
Wu Jia Yi as Qu Man Ting
Liu Si Bo as Huang Song
Gao Yu Er as Jin Xian Rong/ Zhi Tian Xian Rong
Wang Yi Zhe as Ji Jin
A-Moon Meng as Zhu Yan Lin
Hong Yao as Shen Ting Bai
Li Ang as Song Xi Cheng
Andrew Yin as Cheng Rui Bei Le
Zhang Xin as Tan Xiao Jun
Shao Bing as Guo Shu Ting
You Wei Lin as Lu Zhong Xin
An Yue Xi as An Wen
Dong Li as Xie Liang Chen
Liu Min as Huo Xiao Yu
Zuo Xiao Qing as Pei Nian Qing
Anna Fang as Huang Jie
Zhi Qin Li as Fu Jin
He Jia Yi as Qu Mu
Li Jie as Qu Fu
Xiao Rong Sheng as Zhang Si Ling