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Another Me 2019

Another Me (七月 与 安生) is the latest Chinese Drama series to be aired in 2019. This Chinese Drama is rumored to be a remake of the popular Chinese film titled Soul Mate (2016). Tells about a love triangle between two women and one man.

The women are actually good friends, but their relationship has changed when they know a handsome man they both like. Starring young and famous Chinese artists such as beautiful actress Chen Du Ling from the popular drama series titled Operation Love (2017).

Not to forget, the beautiful new actress Shen Yue is known through the series A Love So Beautiful (2017) and the popular drama Meteor Garden, (2018). The first male actor was handsome actor Dylan Xiong from the drama series My Mr. Mermaid (2017).

In addition to this, the romantic Mandarin drama also brings drama stars Ashes of Love (2018) Zhou Ting Wei and Connor Liang from the series Meteor Garden (2018). They will be the main supporting cast. Okay, you can just read the full synopsis of Another Me.


Synopsis of Another Me (七月 与 安生)

The series will tell about the relationship of two best friends who were initially fine – changed instantly when a handsome guy came to both of them. Relationships become a little tense when they both fall in love with the man.
Another Me Chinese Drama
Another Me (七月 与 安生) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama


Details of Another Me (七月 与 安生)

Title: Another Me
Other Title: Qi Yue and An Sheng / 七月 与 安生
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 53 (fifty three)
Director: Cui Liang
Scriptwriter: Bai Yi Cong
Channel Station: ZJTV
Country: China
Published at: 2019


Cast of Another Me (七月 与 安生)

Chen Du Ling as Qi Yue
Shen Yue as An Sheng
Dylan Xiong as Su Jia Ming
Zhou Ting Wei as Han Dong
Connor Liang as Jiu Yue

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