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Annemi Beklerken English

Annemi Beklerken (Waiting for My mom) published on Star Tv 2019 wants to stamp with the summer series that will bring to the screens in writing, so also opened the mouth of the pouch for the very ambitious summer sequences.

The first production of the summer series from Star TV was O3 Media. After the filming of Istanbullu Gelin will begin filming in the last Days of May, Annemi Beklerken (Waiting for My mom). O3 Media continues to be in the face of the audience in July.

O3 Media, Especially those who want to work with rested names on screens that are not long-term, the male lead actor in the series Annemi Beklerken (Waiting for My mom) to deal with Furkan Palalı. Previously in the series of soldiers and action, the very acclaimed Furkan Palalı has succeeded in liking the audience with the series of love in the last period, and No 309 series, which took place in the title of Furkan Palalı, had succeeded from success.

To be the partner of Furkan Palalı in the series Annemi Beklerken (Waiting for My mom), with before in Adı Mutluluk and Gülümse Yeter with the leading role experience of the beautiful actress Aslı Bekiroğlu was taken to offer. Two players also learned that O3 is in the signature stage with Media.

Annemi Beklerken (Waiting for My mom)  production O3 Media finally signed with the screenwriter Pınar Ordu and director Baris Çetin who worked together in Tatlı İntikam.


Synopsis of Annemi Beklerken

Annemi Beklerken (Waiting for My mom) in the series by Nejat wife suddenly abandoned by her 6-year-old daughter Kayra (Ömrüm Nur Çamçakallı) enters a fun life struggle.  
Annemi Beklerken cast
Annemi Beklerken (Waiting for My mom) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama
Nejat (Furkan Palali), who owns a famous spectacle company who is both a mother and a father to her daughter, suddenly falls in love with Suna (Asli Bekiroglu) and their already entertaining lives become even more enjoyable.


Cast of Annemi Beklerken

Furkan Palalı as Nejat
Furkan Palalı
was born in Konya on October 27, 1986 and is 33 years of age. Furkan p first entered the sector as a model and a theatricist and subsequently succeeded in becoming one of the most recognized male lead actors in Turkey. Furkan Palalı, which is a very long model with a length of 1.91 cm, was selected as the best Model of the World which is known as the most handsome model in Turkey and in the world. Furkan Palalı, a graduate of Geological Engineering at Hacettepe University, has received a master’s degree in Radio and Television from Marmara University and has taken acting lessons in front of the camera from very important names. As the artist of Cem Tatlitug Manager, Furkan Palalı, who has been actively on the podium, has played Basketball professionally in the long term and later became a model career.

Furkan Palalı
, who First appeared on the screen with Aras character in Little Secrets, lived in the series of Love Emek Or has become a very good partner with Müge Boz. The actual rise of Furkan Palalı was with the character of Murat, who gave life to the Red Apple directory known for his music. After a major failure in the construction of 2015 Last Exit Furkan Palalı No 309 Life with the character of Honor has given the chance to announce his name in the world.

Nejat is a rich man who owns a famous spectacle company in the series While waiting for My mother.  When Nejat’s wife leaves him suddenly, his 6-year-old son, Kayra, makes him both a mother and a father. While dealing with his Son and his work, he will enter the life of Nejat and be madly in love with him.

Aslı Bekiroğlu as Suna
Aslı Bekiroğlu
was born on November 16, 1995 in Istanbul, and is now a beautiful and sweet-spoken girl in her 24 years. Aslı Bekiroğlu graduated from the Italian High School in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of Baheşehir University. Afterwards, he studied Harp and Solfege Training at the State Conservatory of Istanbul University.

İkimizin Yerine and Yol Arkadaşım films with the fame of our friend Aslı Bekiroğlu Gülümse Yeter to give life in the series Jasmine and Adi Mutlutuk in the Greenhouse character gave life was also loved. Aslı Bekiroğlu is considered very samami and warm-blooded by the audience. 1.62 cm in the boat and 52 kg, Aslı Bekiroğlu Meat Popkek and Ülker Kremini also played in advertisements such as.

Suna is a beautiful girl and falls in love with the father of a child, Nejat.

Ömrüm Nur Çamçakallı as Kayra
She is a player of Leyla Şirin agency and has recently starred in the series of Virtues and Daughters of Fazilet, No: 309 and Can Kırıkları. Ömrüm Nur Camçakalli was born on May 3, 2010 in Istanbul and primary school 1st class student.