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Aftermath 2019

What happens if you can find out the person who is about to die? The Korean drama “Aftermath (후유증)” tells the story of a young schoolgirl who suddenly gets a special ability to see people who are destined to die soon. He would see the person with the characteristics of a pale white face and thick red eyes.

Not only that, the young man can also find out who is a murderer. He will see blue eyes on people who will become murderers. Interesting isn’t this Korean Drama series?. Im this Korean Drama Aftermath (후유증) there are a handsome actor Kim Dong Jun, in 2019, he also played the latest Korean drama “Aide” from JTBC.

Newcomer beautiful actress Sun Joo Ah is also the main character in the K-drama series. Aftermath (후유증) aired on January 6, 2014 on the Naver tv Cast channel and has 2 seasons. The second season continues the same story. This is one of the fantasy romantic webdrama that you must watch.

This Korean webdrama Aftermath (후유증) series, the story is exciting and curious about what mystery caused him to get that special ability. This drama was actually adapted based on the same novel by Kim Sun Kwon.


Synopsis of Aftermath (후유증)

Tells about a middle school student named Ahn Dae Yong (Kim Dong Jun). At the beginning of the first episode, he went into a coma and entered the hospital. Dae Young wakes up and finally the mother is grateful. Suddenly he got the ability to see people who would die. He can even see someone who will commit murder and a victim.
Aftermath (후유증)
Aftermath (후유증) Synopsis And Cast: Korean Drama

For the person who is going to die his face is pale white, then a person who commits murder has blue eyes. Meanwhile, for red-eye are victims of murder and people who are destined to die. Ahn Dae Young tries to be a hero saving people around with his new strength.

While in traffic, he was initially surprised to see someone with a pale white face and red eyes. Ahn Dae Young sees the person getting hit. After knowing that, he began to save many people.

Aftermath (후유증) Season 2, continues the story of Ahn Dae Yong who is increasingly steadfast in using force and saving people with the ability to tell which one will be murdered and who will be doomed to die.


Details of Aftermath (후유증)

Title: Aftermath
Other titles: 후유증 / Hoo Yoo Jeung / Hu Yu Jeung
Genres: Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 5 (season 1) | 6 (season 2)
Director: Kim Yang Hee
Scriptwriter: Oh Bo Hyun and Lee Moon
Station Channel: Naver Tv Cast
Aired on: January 6, 2014 – January 18, 2014, every Monday – Saturday


Cast of Aftermath (후유증)

Kim Dong Jun as Ahn Dae Yong
Sun Joo Ah as Joo Hee Kyung
Kim Geun Hyung as Kim Jun Ku
Kim Min Seok as Jo In Ho
Choi Kyu Hwan as a teacher
Chae Hee Jae as Hee Kyung’s uncle
Lee Seung Yong as the Police
Kim Ri Ah as Kim Na Ri
Kim Geun Hyung as Kim Jun Ku

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