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Afilli Aşk Turkish Drama

Here are Afilli Aşk (Afilli Love) synopsis, trailer, players squad and characters ….

The first episode of Afilli Aşk (Afilli Love) series will meet with the monitor on Kanal D screens on Wednesday evening, June 12, 2019, at 08 PM.

The countdown has begun for Afilli Aşk (Afilli Love) series prepared by ARC Construction for Kanal D. Çağlar Ertugrul and Burcu Özberk‘s starring role in the production of the series Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu, while the director Serdar Gözelekli sit in the chair. The script of the series will write Baris Erdogan and Ilker Arslan.


Synopsis of Afilli Aşk (Afilli Love)

Ayse Yilmaz (Burcu Özberk) is uncharitable and has two older sister who is manipulative and bullies. Ayse wants to marry a man who does not want her sister and her lover Berk (Yılmaz Kunt), but Berk is afraid of the brothers and the marriage and leaving the neighborhood is lost. Ayse is working as a worker and the owner of the factory tries to play a game and forced to marry the boss’s son.

Afilli Aşk Synopsis
Afilli Aşk (Afilli Love) Synopsis, Trailer, And Cast: Turkish Drama

While the boss’s son Kerem (Caglar Ertuğrul) is never appreciated by his father, he is the rich and handsome son of the textile factory owner Yigit’s family. We will be witnessing the constant blows of Ayse Yilmaz around him and the result is a stronger woman. The life of Ayşe Yilmaz, who married Kerem, will be a little more colourful.


Character Cast of Afilli Aşk (Afilli Love)

Burcu Özberk as Ayşe Yılmaz
Burcu Özberk
, who played the character of Ayse Yılmaz in the Daughters of Gunes, was born on December 12, 1989 in Eskişehir. 29-year-old young talent graduated from Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Theatre department. The first series of experience was the character of Hurcihan Sultan in the magnificent century. His performance here was a full note from the audience. He also starred in the film series Almond Candy, a beautiful actress who also played a theatrical role. Finally, the lion was shown in the Ashlem series.

Ayse is a beautiful girl who grows in the challenges of life and works as a laborer in a large textile factory. Because of the pressure of Ayse’s brothers, a man who does not want to be forced to marry only rich, and a psychological blur enters. Ayse is dreaming of marrying his beloved Berk with his best friend, finds love and is shocked.  Ayse is desperate to struggle to become a good individual, and he slander his boss’s son, Kerem. With Ayse’s game, Berk and Kerem are forced to marry.

Caglar Ertuğrul as Kerem Yiğiter

The series of Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari, Çağlar Ertugrul; Born on November 5, 1987, in Karşıyaka, Izmir. The handsome player who graduated from Koç University’s machinery department has experienced the first theatrical experience by entering the university’s Theatre department. Çağlar Ertuğrul took part in the advertisement films of the 3 Mota art workshops. He played a successful role in the young player Mountain 1 and Mountain 2 films, playing in the series such as the Boynu bent, Kurt Seyit ve Şura, Beyaz Karanfil.

is Textile factories owner of the Yiğiter family are innovative and artistic, as handsome and flirtatious sons. Although his father always considers Kerem to be in a five-inch air, Kerem’s new style evens the work of the Yiğit ‘ er family; However, Kerem goes to a slander and forced to marry Ayşe Yılmaz, who works in one of the company’s factories. When Kerem has decided to change after a girlfriend’s suicide, she won’t be gone.

Yılmaz Kunt as Berk

He was born in Ankara on November 19, 1994. Yılmaz Kunt, originally from Adanalı, is a child of a wealthy family. He graduated from Atılım University International Relations department. Yılmaz, who won first place in the Best Of Turkey competition in 2015, has the first place in European and world modeling competitions. Yılmaz, who modeled for a while later, was later cast. With the series of Sev Yeter, Yilmaz Kunt Bakhtiyar Olmez has played the character of Ömer in the series.

Berk is a handsome but untrustworthy man who abandoned Ayşe when he said that he would give me away. He then cheats on Ayse with his best friend.

Taner Rumeli as Reza

He was born in Ankara on April 8, 1985. He graduated from Ankara University, Department of Language History, Faculty of Geography. He played the character of Toprak Barutçu in the series of love and finally played Musa Agha in the Sultan of my heart. The 34-year-old player starred in numerous films and series.

In the series, Reza, Erkut and Ayse are the brother of the despot and bully.

Uğur Uzunel as Erkut

He was born in Izmir on November 12, 1988. His interest in the theater since his little age has allowed him to read at Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Fine Arts Performing Arts department. 1.80, 70 kg. The issue of honour, foreigners at home, handwriting, spacious Feza, Kumdan Kale and the heavy novel has appeared in the New World Series and films. He was very popular with the character of Ismet in the series of Ask ve Mai.

Erkut is little brother of Ugur and he is the evil machine.


Trailer of Afilli Aşk (Afilli Love)

Benian Dönmez as Melehat
Benian Dönmez,
an experienced theatre actor, was born in Ankara on March 3, 1965. He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language history, Department of Theatre. The bandit is not a ruler of the world (Mübeccel), he starred in the series such as Aslan family as Hatice Aslan. There are many theatrical plays.

Melehat, who lost his wife years ago, is Ayse’s mother. His greatest pleasure is to watch Turkish series.

Serkay Tütüncü as Volkan/ Sertaç Cekerek
, who competes for the team of volunteers in the Survivor 2016 contest, was born in Izmir on 7 February 1991. Serkay, also an amateur footballer, is 28 years old. 1.78 in length and weighing 76 kg, Serkay tütüncu Para I presented the contest with Yunus Günçe and Mehmet Özyay.

Sertaç Cekerak/ Volkan
is the best friend and accomplice of Kerem Yiğiter in the series.

Asena Tuğal as Hulya
He was born in Istanbul on January 1, 1984. Asena, who works as a reporter at TGRT, Kanal D and Show TV, was in the 4th of Miss Turkey in 2006. Selected. Asena, known for his fondness for sports, has degrees in the rowing branch. He also owns a taekwondo black belt. Asena, who starred in many series, finally played the character of Seda Sancak in the high school patrol.

Guzide Arslan as Gonca Durmaz
He was born in Ankara on October 1, 1992. He graduated from Haliç University Conservatory department. Starting with the series of backstreets, Güzide Arslan Payitaht Abdülhamit played the character of Dilşad in the series. He has appeared in many theatrical works.

Gonca is a close friend of Ayse in the series.

Altan Erkekli as Muhsin Yiğiter
He was born in Istanbul on January 18, 1955. Vizontele has starred in many famous productions such as Tell Istanbul. Altan Erkekli graduated from the theatre Department of the Faculty of History and Geography of Ankara University and worked as a lecturer in the university until 2000. It was then included in the BKM, where Yilmaz Erdogan and Demet Akbağ were located. He is married and has three children, a master player who plays in many series and films.

Muhsin Yiğiter is the father of Keram. He started a small trade with a small shop, and later became the owner of a fashion site that trades online.

Neşe Baykent as Yelda Yiğiter
Neşe Baykent, who we know as Vildan in the series of Kara Sevda, was born in Izmir on June 2, 1975. He graduated from Hacettepe University State Conservatory. He started acting in 1988 with Ali Epic of Kashanlı. Finally, he starred in the series Sahin Tepesi. He is also an important actor.

Yelda is Yigit’s old model mother.

Umutcan Ütebay as Sabri
Born in 1994, Umutcan is a theatrical actor.

Sabri is one of the wealthy young people of the neighborhood. She is in love with Ayse and uses her money and Ayse’s ability to marry her.

Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat as Ceyda – Ayça
Zeynep Tuğçe, who was famous for the character of Nevra in the series Gönülçelen, was born in Mersin on 8 February 1990. Graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Law. Spain has been studying acting here. He played as the promotional face of Turkcel advertising. The first acting experience has been in the rear row in 2007. The Star-tale series has become a player everyone knows.

In the series, Ayça is a malicious one who mixes.  Kerem’s mother is the bride candidate and Kerem’s company, who he considers fit for his son.

Ozan Daggez as Samet
Ozan Daggez was born on 16 October 1982 and is 37 years of age. Ozan Dağgez, a graduate of Maltepe University Faculty of Communication, was finally involved in the Ring series, and he took place in the daily series forehead spelling and gave life to the valiant character. Previously, he gave life to the character of Süelyman Çelebi in the series of magnificent century.

Hira Su Yıldız as Buse Yılmaz
Hira Su Yiliz first gave life to the hit series September character and was very popular.

He is the brother of Buse Ayşe. The four-year-old World is a sweet kid who doesn’t start school.

Beril Pozam as Nazmiye
Beril Pozam is a stage technician and theatre actor. The first serious screen experience would be in the series of Afilli Love. R previously gained an acting experience in many theatrical plays.

Nazmiye is the wife of Reza.

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