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Finding Love on the Journey

A Journey to Meet Love (场 遇见 爱情 的 旅行) also known as “Finding Love on the Journey“, is the latest Chinese Drama series released on April 20, 2019 on the ZTV and JZTV channels. The latest Mandarin drama brings famous artist Jing Tian, ​​one of the actress who has starred in Hollywood Box Office films several times.

The drama that Jiang Tian has starred in include Special ID (2013). Police Story 2013 and The Great Wall (2016). Whereas in 2018 yesterday, she appeared beautifully in the drama series “The King of Blaze“. Jian Tiang collided acting with handsome actor Chen Xiao who became the Chinese drama player of Queen of Dugu (2019).

Chinese Drama A Journey to Meet Love (场 遇见 爱情 的 旅行) tells the story of an interesting travel story between 2 people who eventually end up falling in love with each other. This Chinese drama was worked on by Director Mao Wei Ning who collaborated with writer Wang Yan Zhen. Okay, now you can read the full synopsis of A Journey to Meet Love.


Synopsis of A Journey to Meet Love

Li Xin Yue, played by Jing Tian is a professional worker, one day She decided to buy a painting by a famous artist worth ten million yuan, the police were worried and sent an undercover policeman named Jin Xiao Tian played by Chen Xiao to watch him every his movements.
A Journey to Meet Love trailer
A Journey to Meet Love Synopsis, Trailer, And Cast: Chinese Drama

Because of the unexpected events Xin Yue and Xiao Tian finally traveled the caravan to Shangri-La. While traveling together, the two gradually developed feelings for each other, but how did Xin Yue react when she learned of Xiao Tian‘s true identity?


Details of A Journey to Meet Love

Title: A Journey to Meet Love
Other Title: Finding Love on the Journey / 一场 遇见 爱情 的 旅行
Genre: Romance, Crime
Episodes: 52 (fifty two)
Director: Mao Wei Ning
Scriptwriter: Wang Yan Zhen
Channel Station: Zhejiang Satellite TV and Jiangsu TV
Country: China
Displayed on: April 20, 2019


Trailer of A Journey to Meet Love


Cast of A Journey to Meet Love

Chen Xiao as Jin Xiao Tian
Jing Tian as Li Xin Yue
He Ming Han as Chu Zhi Han
Wang Ce Shi as Chu Hong Fei
Qin Shan as Shi Sheng Xia
Zhang Ke Ying as Di Na
Guang Zi Jing as Ah Pei
Xing Hi Hai as Tian Xie
Tian Na as Mi Shu Liu

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